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In Topic: Destiny (PS3/PS4) Official Thread

Today, 04:09 AM

Did that moon farming spot for an hour, got 2 legendary engrams. Both turned into mote of lights  :whee:



In Topic: Destiny (PS3/PS4) Official Thread

Yesterday, 11:48 PM

I haven't run into any server issue on the PS4. There's usually quite a number of people in the Tower and planets when I play.

In Topic: Destiny (PS3/PS4) Official Thread

Yesterday, 08:17 PM

1 more day until I get Vanguard lvl 2




The Vault of Glass raid has been beaten by the PrimeGuardHQ group

In Topic: Destiny (PS3/PS4) Official Thread

Yesterday, 05:05 PM

I dont know if i'll ever have the time to raid. That thing looks time consuming as hell. One of the streaming groups have been stuck at the same boss for at least 3 hours.   :shock:

In Topic: Destiny (PS3/PS4) Official Thread

Yesterday, 06:33 AM

I like doing the strikes but they are starting to get boring because there arent that many. I did one against some prince and he was really tough. His power would barely go down. Then when he was below 50% life left, those invisible enemies would start killing us, or those little flying helecopter things. We literally had 3 people all dead at the same time but one respawned before the 3 second timer ran out thank god. We were so close to killing him, dying there would have broke me.

Yea I use to hate the Earth Strike mission with the spider tank and giant sphere, but the Archon Priest is the worst boss atm. Takes forever to down and a lot of trash mobs to deal with.