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Noel's Blog > [Laugh your ass off] Looking for a part-time pedo

Posted 16 June 2014

I have no idea if this is a joke or what, but this was laugh out funny for me. I hope it will be funny for you guys too.



Noel's Blog > [Not the Usual Person] What are you playing this Weekend?

Posted 28 February 2014

Well, DBJ or the other guys haven't post WAYPTW, so i guess I'll be taking glory this weekend.

I have nothing do this weekend other than finish sending some packages out for people who won in my lowball last friday.Other than that i got nothing else to do this weekend....Thank God !!!!!!!! I 'm turning off my cell phone and social media off for this w...

Noel's Blog > BlazBlue: Alter Memory - -Its finally out!

Posted 11 October 2013

After so freaking long waiting for it to come out, its finally here. And with that being said, i''m going to give my impression on the anime. Its awesome. I'm done, that's it for my impression. What else do you want me to say? Its already spoiled for you, if you played the first game.

Go watch it -



NoelVermillion's Blog > Is anyone else skipping the fight to night?

Posted 14 September 2013

I was invited by my friends to go watch the fight at a sports bar tonight, but i'm totally skipping. I'm going to stay home tonight and do some homework. Everyone knows who's going to win. Its going to be Maybitch. We should all know Maybitch's matches are all bought. The judges are going to decide match by points like they always. What pisses me off more...

NoelVermillion's Blog > My Hit list [Games to beat by the end of Summer] (In Progress) Part.3

Posted 26 July 2013

Hell yeah, I’m back with an update. This time i beat three games. Well, four games, if I count beating the new tomb raider game, but I won't count it. Since it wasn't on my list to begin with. So far, I have beat 4 games off my list, and i still have 20 to go. I know I’m not going to beat them all, but I want to see how many games I can beat by the end o...