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Philly Kuts

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PhillyKutsProduction > Comic Book Haul # 2 Mid September 2014

Posted 19 September 2014

I showcase some of my recent purchases from DC, Marvel, Boom, Dark Horse and Dynamite comics. Also, I showcase some recent purchases to add to my Hellraiser comic collection.

PhillyKutsProduction > Weight Loss Vlog #40 Cheat Meal #7 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel

Posted 24 August 2014

For my cheat meal I have two cherry toaster strudels from Pilsbury. Then I shove the remaining 4 strudels up my keister-- take that strudel boy!!

PhillyKutsProduction > GTA V Unboxing and My Secret Package

Posted 19 August 2014

So I'm about 11 months late to the GTA V party. Better late than never. I'll be live streaming this who knows when on my Twitch TV account Philly_Kuts
Plus I will also archive all the footage on my gaming channel Ohnewretrogamingkuts : https://...

PhillyKutsProduction > Weight Loss Vlog #37 Baconater Cheat Meal #6 Plus A Shoutout Video

Posted 17 August 2014

Baconater Cheat Meal washed down by a diet coke. Always chew with your mouth open Bit---yeahhhh


PhillyKutsProduction > Funko Marvel Pop Groot Bobblehead Unboxing

Posted 06 August 2014

Groot is a long lost relative of Little Big Planet's Sack Boy..