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In Topic: The Half Price Books Thread - Coupon Week (40% off 7/14-7/15 - 50% off 7/20)

Today, 08:01 PM

Yeah I got the email for the coupons, kind of hoping my region wasn't included so I'd have less competition.

In Topic: Official Sears Clearance Thread II - post Sears finds/deals here

Today, 12:40 AM

Picked up a Wii classic controller pro for $14.97. Good buy?

Yes, they are going for much more on the only other places you can find them, which are Amazon and eBay.

In Topic: 2014 Thrift Store Thread - Post your finds here!

Yesterday, 10:23 PM

If you live in AZ, you should be hitting every "bookmans" you can find. Bookmans is my 2nd favorite chain. HPB is 3rd. Favorite doesn't exist anymore, but it was called Shinders.

Yeah I used to stop by the Bookmans in Mesa, but I don't really go out that way very often.  The other one is just too far out to consider going there regularly.  HPB, GW, and other smaller thrifts I stop by more often because they are only a mile or two out of my way.


I sometimes go to Zia Records, but they inflate the price too often on most things I find interesting.

In Topic: Club Nintendo Deals ~ New Games 7/78/3-: Kid Icarus 3D (3DS) | Metal Torrent...

Yesterday, 06:19 PM

I only bought 2 wavebirds... now I wish i had 4 so when i break out double dash 2 of the players don't have to be right next to the GCN

I just use cable extensions, cheap and now they can rumble all day long without worrying about the batteries.  I do like my wavebird when the kids are out (no tripping hazards or yanked console deaths), but otherwise I just use the extender with my original indigo controller for SP, and then connected to the third party stuff when we do 4P Gamecube nights.

In Topic: Club Nintendo Deals ~ New Games 7/78/3-: Kid Icarus 3D (3DS) | Metal Torrent...

Yesterday, 05:18 PM

While I have all first party controllers and accessories for Wii, I'm not opposed to third party stuff (especially nowadays where you can get a plethora of online reviews and ratings first before you buy).  I've done some third party for Genesis, PS1 and Gamecube, and they all worked fine for the time I needed them (PS1 options were the worst though).


Most all of my third party GCN controllers are still being used today (only one crapped out on one of the buttons), well worth the $5 each I got them for.