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In Topic: Best Buy save 10% on a single item Movers Coupon in the Change your address e...

Today, 05:13 AM

These can be stacked by the way. Bought a new mac and stacked two of these plus a 100$ off apple desktop and guy took them no problem. 

Hardcore YMMV


Might have to try tho ;D  


Ill be that guy that brings 2 and tries it on a PS4 and will get denied...then tell them nvm I wont be buying it then lol

In Topic: Amazon Warehouse Deals Thread XII

Today, 05:00 AM

Just a heads up for those of you that like Kindle Deals...


The HDX 7in 16GB is at Meh.com for ~$253.xx after shipping and tax FOR 2 


Edit: Just Sold Out -.-

In Topic: Best Buy Cyber Monday in July *Live Now*

Today, 03:17 AM

Grabbing mine on Friday with movers coupon, the wait for destiny begins.

Why didn't you do it today? Since you get 10% and KZ and charge kit?

Or they don't stack?

In Topic: Best Buy Cyber Monday in July *Live Now*

Today, 12:50 AM

Turning BB into Amazon money is pretty brilliant and not something I ever would have thought of. May do this...then jump on Amazons next PS4 sale....

Yea I just havent seen an Amazon PS4 deal in a long long time...if ever besides AWD.


I keep talking myself into a PS4 then out.  -.-

In Topic: Best Buy Cyber Monday in July *Live Now*

Today, 12:40 AM

You're absolutely right. I had no idea about that. Will consider it to say the least. Honestly the big thing to me was the I have lots of money to best buy already and there is nothing else in that store that I would want. Mehh

Yea true...but also if you do "Bill Me Later" thru pay pal you pay 0% Interest and 0 Payments for 6 months (so pay it off within six months).  Also you get $10 back in eBay Bucks and 3% back in more eBay bucks thru Bill Me Later :D


Tempting for me o.O


Also: turn that bb credit into amazon kindle cards to use on anything on amazon woot