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In Topic: Use a Wii Remote and Classic Controller to Play GTA 3 on Android

28 February 2013 - 04:51 PM

I did try those keys with no luck. I was also surprised at the fact that up moved forward but neither down nor left/right worked in the same fashion. Thanks for the input though. Gameloft games seem tough to crack.

P.S I did make an excel sheet but this forum will not let me post a link to it or an image of it because I'm too new. Sorry.

In Topic: Use a Wii Remote and Classic Controller to Play GTA 3 on Android

26 February 2013 - 01:17 AM

Ok so i have spent the last couple of days trying to finish the tedious task of mapping all buttons to work on the classic Wii controller. I have gotten some of it finished but i still can not play the game with my controller. I need help filling in the gaps. The Question marks represent what i do not know at this point. Any info is much appreciated, Thanks.

Controller Button Corresponing Input Mapping Game Action

Up, N/A, N/A

Down, N/A, N/A

Left, D-Pad Left / XP D-Pad Left, Cycle Weapons - Left

Right, D-Pad Right / XP D-Pad Right, Cycle Weapons - Right

X, ?????????????, ??? Jump ???

Y, Game Butoon X / XP Square, Reload Weapon

A, D-Pad Down / XP D-Pad Down, Crouch

B, ?????????????, ??? Sprint ???

Start / +, (Menu), Pause / Resume

Select / -, N/A, N/A

Home, N/A, N/A

Left Stick Up, D-Pad Up / XP D-Pad Up, Move Forward

Left Stick Down, ?????????????, ??? Move Backwards ???

Left Stick Left, ?????????????, ??? Move Left ???

Left Stick Right, ?????????????, ??? Move Right ???

Right Stick Up, ?????????????, ??? Look / Aim Up ???

Right Stick Down, ?????????????, ??? Look / Aim Down ???

Right Stick Left, ?????????????, ??? Look / Aim Left ???

Right Stick Right, ?????????????, ??? Look / Aim Right ???

L, ?????????????, ??? Stab / Knife ???

R, ?????????????, ??? Throw Grenade ???

ZL, Game Trigger L1 / XP L, Aim / Zoom

ZR, Game Trigger R1 / XP R, Shoot / Fire