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Get a FREE PS4 or $375 in Cash - Conga Line - FREE Steam Code for next two signups...

23 November 2013 - 04:08 AM

The free PS4 website from Trainn has finally launched, and here is the inevitable Conga Line.  If you haven't already done so, please sign up for our most popular Conga and win a Free Xbox One!  On to the rules (thanks Mykel)....


PLEASE read the last couple of posts to see if the first CAG in line has confirmed they have all 8 referrals!  Sometimes I can't update the OP fast enough.  It has happened twice already - we want to avoid extras under people's accounts!




Our own RyuTheBurninator has been paid by Trainn from this very Conga!  See the picture below for all the proof you need to sign up and win a PS4 or $375 in CASH!





How to get your free PS4

  • To score a free PS4 from Trainn, you'll need to sign up using the referral link of the CAG at the head of our Conga Line.
  • Do not make multiple accounts on one website. They will ban your account and your referral will be lost for the person you sign up under. If you cancel your account too early you will forfeit the credit you have earned.
  • If you prefer not to get a PS4, you can choose $375 cash or the $400 giftcard as your reward instead. Just don't select a reward that requires more than 8 referrals!
  • Make sure you choose to sign up for a Referral account, not a Points account.
  • Complete one offer from the "A" list of offers. We recommend Gamefly (It generally credits instantly, though you have to queue up some games in order for this offer to work).  Some other good ones are CreditReport.com ($1 trial), FreeCreditScore.com (free trial but buggy sign up process), WorldWinner Slots ($10 token purchase required), SimplyInk ($10 purchase required), or the Multivitamin.  See the next section for detailed instructions on all of the recommended offers.
  • Cancel the offer after 4 days (not before!) in order to avoid additional monthly charges. If you sign up using GameFly you have to wait 28 days to cancel the offer and also must queue games up to get instant credit.
  • The only other requirement is to get 8 more users to sign up via your referral link, all of whom must complete an A list offer. We'll help you do that!

Completing An Offer (Offers Made Easy)

Offer Name: Gamefly (video game rental subscription by mail)
Cost: FREE!
Credit Time: Credits Instantly almost 100% of the time.
Instructions: After signing up for your 30 day free Gamefly trial you MUST add at least 1 game

to your rental list to receive credit. DO NOT cancel before the 28th day or you will lose your offer credit.

Offer Name: Healthsource Multivitamin (Multivitamin subscription)
Cost: $4.95 shipping
Credit Time: Credits Instantly almost 100% of the time.
Instructions: Order the Healthsource Multivitamin trial. Make sure NOT to add any additional

"special offers" to your order. Wait for your first multivitamin shipment to arrive then call them to

cancel your subscription. Unless you like them and want to pay full price for future shipments.

Offer name: Simply Ink (Printer ink/office supplies)
Cost: $10
Credit Time: Credits Instantly most of the time.
Instructions: Make a purchase of at least $10 from their website. Nothing to cancel.

Suggested purchase if you don't need ink: 8.5x11 photo paper for $7.99 + $4.95 shipping = $12.94.

It has been confirmed that the shipping charge counts towards the $10 minimum purchase. They also accept Paypal.
Offer name: Godaddy (Website domain company)
Cost: $6.99
Credit Time: Credits Instantly most of the time.
Instructions: Sign up for a Godaddy account and purchase one domain name.

Make sure to turn off the auto-renew option unless you want to keep it. They also accept Paypal.


Offer name: CreditReport.com (Credit report/score service)
Cost: $1
Credit Time: Credits within a few hours or same day.
Instructions: Sign up for their Credit Report 7 day trial offer for $1.

Review your credit report then wait 4 days before canceling.

Unless you have a desire to continue to use their service for a monthly fee.


Getting a spot in the Conga Line (referrals made easy)
Email (not PM) S.Tomato with the following information: ( stomato47@gmail.com )

1. Your CAG username
2. The email address you used to sign up
3. The referral link you used to sign up
4. Your referral link (you can find this on the Progress tab of FreePS4System.com)
5. What offer you completed
6. If you didn't receive instant credit for the offer: a screenshot of the confirmation email for the offer you completed


Additional tips

It can take a day or two to receive credit for completing an offer - don't worry if your dashboard at FreePS4System.com doesn't show it as completed right away. If you fail to receive a confirmation email from the credit reporting agency, that's more of a cause for concern. Anyway, if you got the confirmation email but your dashboard still doesn't show the offer as completed, you'll need to wait 7 days and then submit a support ticket to Trainn. Alternately, you could do another offer and hope that it sticks.

Some users have reported concerns that AdBlock Plus causes offers not to register properly. However, EastX used AdBlock Plus and still receive credit within 24 hours. If you're concerned about it, just disable AdBlock Plus until you've completed the offer.

The rules for the credit report offers require users to wait at least four days before canceling. Make sure you mark the fourth or fifth date on your calendar. Save your sign up email, and save the cancellation link/instructions. When the day comes, cancel the trial! You spent a dollar at most and probably ended up with a free PS4 in the process. Even if you forget to cancel during the trial, one month of service from these guys is $20-30. That's still a small price to pay for a next generation console.

Advertise this thread in order to help the line move forward and help yourself get to the front of the line! Spread the thread link on Facebook and Twitter. And most importantly, add a link to this Conga in your signature!



Current CAG Referral Link (front of the Conga Line)
Updated 4/26 @ 8:15 PM EST


Please read the final posts of the thread before signing up to help know who to sign up for.


1st CAG in line: dragoon99

Referral Link: http://www.freeps4sy...php?ref=7451569



2nd CAG in line: trollape74


Full CAG Conga Line
The higher you are on the list, the closer you are to your referral link becoming the active one and getting your 8 referrals!

  • S.Tomato - offer confirmed
  • RyuTheBurninator - offer confirmed
  • megamankid - offer confirmed
  • jn20900 - offer confirmed
  • BabyBiscuit - offer confirmed
  • realkilla789 - offer confirmed
  • Dragoon99 - offer confirmed
  • Zolor23 - pending
  • trollape74 - offer confirmed
  • RiceGuyEh - offer confirmed
  • breakfuss - pending
  • Xerous - offer confirmed
  • sninh - offer confirmed
  • captaintek3304 - offer confirmed
  • mykelxknight -  offer confirmed
  • raven054 - offer confirmed
  • VGC17 - offer confirmed
  • tonyv4 - pending
  • PePdabeast - offer confirmed
  • ragingst0rm6 - offer confirmed
  • FraGTaLiTy - offer confirmed
  • Wchillinman - pending
  • TurkeyOnRye - offer confirmed
  • erasedd1 - offer confirmed
  • YellowGameboyColor - offer confirmed
  • fireinyourwords - offer confirmed
  • coopscohen - offer confirmed
  • _DQ_ - offer confirmed
  • mars009 - pending
  • Not Eric - offer confirmed
  • bardamu - offer confirmed
  • stuntrogue - pending
  • alldayadrian28 - pending
  • ispeck - offer confirmed
  • casanon - offer confirmed
  • pspenguin - pending
  • Jragon - offer confirmed
  • fido_sido - offer confirmed
  • swimmer911 - pending
  • MVmattyP - offer confirmed
  • TangoZulu85 - offer confirmed
  • bigrice25 - offer confirmed
  • Boa220 - offer confirmed
  • Spillgirl - offer confirmed
  • Ki11erHyde - offer confirmed
  • TW MASTER - offer confirmed
  • ZombieToast - offer confirmed
  • kodern - offer confirmed
  • fldash - offer confirmed
  • drmo95 - offer confirmed
  • gnatmonkee - offer confirmed
  • Raikuden - offer confirmed
  • InsectMoney01 - offer confirmed
  • wariofart - offer confirmed
  • Cephiros - offer confirmed
  • Genki-JAM - offer confirmed
  • Hloghost - pending 
  • Shabutaro - pending


CAGs who completed their referrals