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Reeve's House of Redirection, Part Trois > What are you playing during this final weekend of the year?!

Posted 28 December 2013

DBJ's… somewhere, so I'm filling in :razz:

We had a decent Christmas around here, and we're ready to fly back to sunny California tomorrow. I played some Disgaea DS on the flight over, and may do the same on the way back. Well, or go back to Pokemon Black 2 like I'd been planning.

I also might need a new pair of headphones, though, since the pair I use...

Reeve's House of Redirection, Part Trois > A 3DS Update

Posted 19 July 2013

(Crossposted from Tsuki-Board , though my entry there is much longer; this is just the second half of it, since the first part's not gaming-related.)

Back in August, I blogged about my new 3DS XL and all the accessories I'd gotten for it . Unfortunately, once I'd turned on my XL for the first time, I noticed a dead pixel or two and promptly put in a rep...

Reeve's House of Redirection, Part Trois > Pimp My 3DS!

Posted 10 April 2013

When the Nintendo 3DS was first announced, the two franchises I wanted to see on it the most debuted on the original DS: Etrian Odyssey and the Harvest Moon spinoff Rune Factory . Thus, when the fourth installments of both were (not unexpectedly) announced for the system, I waited for US-release announcements. Etrian Odyssey IV 's came first, so that's...

Reeve's House of Redirection, Part Trois > PAX in Pictures

Posted 07 September 2012

Usually I do a few very wordy posts about what I saw at PAX. For this year's PAX Prime, I decided to take a simpler approach and just post a bunch of photos. I don't think I took as many pics this year as last (I definitely didn't take as many on the show floor or of the panels), but still wound up with a decent amount.

No photos from the CAG meetup; sor...

Reeve's House of Redirection, Part Trois > What are you playing this weekend? (Unofficial understudy edition)

Posted 21 July 2012

I don't know where DaddyBoJangles is, so I hope he doesn't mind me filling in for him >_>

It's my husband's birthday today, but he wants to put off going out to celebrate it until tomorrow (which would be dinner and The Dark Knight Rises ). In the meantime, we're going to stay home and relax.

I'm nearing the end of the main part of Persona 3 FES, which...