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[ENDED] Mercenary Kings Master Codex Retro-Inspired Strategy Guide & Art Book Kicks...

21 August 2013 - 09:50 PM

(Big thanks to CheapyD for granting permission to create a dedicated thread.)


[EDIT 9/2: Our Kickstarter campaign ended up not reaching it's goal, but not for a lack of trying! HUGE thanks to CheapyD and the CAG community for coming out for our project. Final update is here, and I'll definitely let you know if there are any updates!]




Guide Creator/Publisher: Off Base Productions

Game Developer: Tribute Games

Formats: Hardcover, Digital Download

Scheduled Release Date: December, 2013

Price: $5* (Digital), $20* (Hardcover), $40 (Ltd. Edition Variant by Corey Lewis)

Campaign Ends: Tuesday, September 3rd @ 5:00PM


*Note: Prices will go up once the guide is released to the general public: $10 (Digital) and $25 (Hardcover). Back the Kickstarter and save!


Greetings, fellow CAG members! I've been a member for a long time now, but this is the first time I've had a work project that would qualify for its own deals thread!




During the day I'm a senior editor for Off Base Productions, a video game creative services and development house based in San Francisco, CA. You may not have heard our name before, but chances are you've seen our work. We've produced everything from instruction manuals to collector's edition packaging to strategy guides for most major publishers. Now, we're looking to create our own self-published line of premium strategy guides for awesome independent games starting with Mercenary Kings by Tribute Games (available now on PC via Steam Early Access).


But we need your help to get this line off to a strong start, and hope you'll consider backing our Kickstarter campaign




If you haven't played Mercenary Kings yet, it's being developed by Tribute Games, creators of Wizorb and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Mercenary Kings is a kind of Metal Slug meets Monster Hunter hybrid with awesome gameplay, a rich gun crafting system, and chock full of amazing Paul Robertson sprite work. The Mercenary Kings Master Codex aims to capture those 16-bit feels, serving as both a field guide to the game and an art book chronicling the development from pencil to pixel. To give you an idea of what we're shooting for, our primary inspirations are the NES/SNES era Nintendo Player's Choice guides and the Mother 3 Handbook. Check out our interior design samples below, created by Brady Hartel (lead UI designer/animator for Skullgirls):


(click pics for larger version)





Of course, what Kickstarter campaign would be complete without some sweet rewards? Well, we've got some pretty neat items lined up:

  • $5 - Digital version of the guide (all backers at $5 or more get a digital copy).
    • $20 - Digital version of the guide + a 24x36 double-sided poster, 11x17 art print, and Mercenary Kings logo embroidered patch 
  • $20 - Physical hardcover Kickstarter-exclusive edition of the Mercenary Kings Master Codex, featuring silver foiling on the sides and a gold "Kickstarter Edition" label.
    • $25 - Gets you the guide + poster + patch
    • $30 - Gets you the guide + poster + patch + art print 
  • $40 - Limited Edition Variant hardcover edition of the Mercenary Kings Master Codex featuring cover art by noted comic book artist Corey Lewis. Higher tiers get you the other print goodies, too.
    • Strictly limited to 1000 copies max 
  • $60 - The "One Shot Solution" bullet USB drive preloaded with the digital guide, Mercenary Kings soundtrack, and a copy of the game! For $40 more you get the USB drive and the Limited Edition hardcover.
  • $150 - Our pals at Retro Heart are creating a limited run of handcrafted 1/12 scale Mercenary Kings coin-op replicas (MVS style, of course), complete with miniature LCD screen to display screenshots or animated GIFs from the game. Includes the Limited Edition variant.
  • $500 - Gets you every single physical item packed into a military backpack with embroidered patch pre-applied, similar in style to the ones worn by the characters in the game.









We've still got a ways to go before we hit our goal, but we're confident with a little bit of help we can make it happen! I'll be available in this thread to answer any questions you might have about the Kickstarter, creating traditional strategy guides, or mohawk dying tips. ;)


Thanks for reading!