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#11301984 Nintendo 3DS XL Gold Zelda Limited Edition $150 at Target on Black Frida...

Posted by grap3fruitman on 30 November 2013 - 06:40 AM

If it is wrong to ask someone to explain why thought someone would be working on a way to change US club nintendo vouchers to European ones for several XL systems and up to 15 games, change your system firmware to Europe and or make the system region free, then finally download a 2 year old game for free... then I guess I am wrong.

You're right, I'm mistaken, that was the only time you were ridiculously rude in this thread...

Oh no! Don't use common sense and logic! That isn't what CAG is about. CAG is about asking the same question and getting angry when something doesn't go their way, because said user is totally entitled to a game for .01 after taxes.  :roll:

I said this like 3 different times... this is why people need to actually read threads. =\

Why not sell your soul to Satan and give thanks to him at dinner for saving you $50 - $70+ dollars on your Legend of Zelda 3DS XL? I got to assume that deal is not as YMMV.

You can... 
Draw a satanic circle. Slaughter your family as tribute. Summon the dark lord Cheapy D himself and he will render onto you one answer to a question. No matter how stupid, worthless, easy to figure out or previously asked, or you can call Target and ask. 
I am a big fan of the former though. :3

Up to 30 times a page. Obviously. 
How about people search. My first post on that page mentioned practically everything you need to know. Like how to sacrifice your family to moloch for good deals.

Haven't you learned by now, that everyone on CAG (besides myself, which is why I am so disliked. =[) is super attractive to whomever or whatever is working in the customer service department and their silver tongue is more than enough to not only get the deal, but also obtain their phone number (yes, the real and legitimate 7 digits). Then while they're blinded by your obvious striking good looks, the worker "accidentally" forgets a digit and sells you a 3DS XL for $15 dollars and are too awestruck to notice the error, so when you give them a $20, they think it's actually a $200 dollar bill (because those exist to some people) and give you $180 dollars in change. The person then finds someone on the street that is so flush with cash, that they pay you $50 dollars for a game they could buy for $40 and the CAG person got the Zelda 3DS XL for $15 dollars and made $230 dollars due to employee incompetence and scamming some guy on the street. However, their box was slightly dented, so they called corporate to complain about this awful and unacceptable treatment and Target sends a replacement system and $100 dollar gift card to make up for their fault, plus told the person they could keep the system without having to sent it back.
Everyone knows this is how every customer service interaction goes on CAG.

No one expects you to read every message, but you could at least read a page.

#11301757 Nintendo 3DS XL Gold Zelda Limited Edition $150 at Target on Black Frida...

Posted by grap3fruitman on 30 November 2013 - 05:25 AM

Ignoring all the things wrong with this post... I have to ask, how and more importantly, why do you think people would waste an unimaginable amount of time trying to "exploit" this promotion?

Here's an idea: maybe turn off the computer, go outside, and stop being a complete asshole to everyone on CAG. 


I haven't seen a single post from you where you weren't harassing someone for asking a question. Maybe re-evaluate your life a little bit.

#10605570 Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate $39.99 (Amazon), Tekken Revolution F2P (PS3 exc...

Posted by grap3fruitman on 09 June 2013 - 12:13 AM

DOA5U would be overpriced even at $1.