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In Topic: Surprisingly The Last Movie You Saw Didn't Suck Pt. 2

Today, 03:17 AM

This is the End - 3/5 

Good but highly overrated.


12 Monkeys - 4.25/5

Even better, after seeing it many times over many years. It holds up very well. The middle & ending are both great but could have been done better. The TV series is coming soon but I'm not sure I can get excited about it being made by the SyFy channel.


42 - 4/5 

Leaves you wanting more.


The Hunt for Red October - 4/5

Bet this came across a lot better during the 80s.


Two theories:

Is Jack simply reincarnated by the hotel to undergoe it’s bidding, taking the form of a previous hotel guest who stayed there in 1921 and butchered his family, the hotel re-creating the same events that happened in previous years for generation after generation?

Twilight Zone esque endplay, Jack is kind of aborsed and taken away from the hotel and his current life when he dies after being driven mad by the hotel, who never wants residents to check out and is then locked into the photograph at the end, trapped in a forever single moment of time at the overlook ball.

You'll remember the butler tells Jack in the bathroom "you've always been the caretaker".

I think that's all the picture is really trying to express. I don't think it's anything more than that.

The Twilight Zone thing would be a good explanation. Otherwise its crap and never should've happened.



Rocky V, I mean, its by no means a great movie, but isn't nowhere near as bad as people say. Its actually fairly entertaining. Wished they would have chosed someone better than the guy that played Tommy Gunn though. And Rocky's kid.

Tommy Gunn was great imo. I thought he did very well considering he was a fighter, not an actor. Sage Stallone's performance was without flaws.


In Topic: The RetroN 5 pre-order thread, Delayed YET AGAIN...releases in "30-40 day...

Today, 02:38 AM

I would really hope that anyone willing to shell out the $70-100+ a cart goes for knows what they are buying (btw there is only one Gargoyle's Quest on NES the first game was on Game Boy ;) ). That being said feel free to scare off as many potential buyers as possible so the value drops and I can scoop it up for a more reasonable price.

There's no harm in giving an opinion on a game a person has played. Wouldn't want people buying a game solely based on the opinion of those who enjoyed it the most. I was though posting more for those who had not already decided to purchase it.

In Topic: The RetroN 5 pre-order thread, Delayed YET AGAIN...releases in "30-40 day...

Yesterday, 05:33 AM

Have you ever played Gargoyle's Quest II on NES? This is a sequel to that. Gargoyle's Quest II is one of the best games on NES. I expect nothing but awesome from Demon's Crest.

I played one of them on NES very briefly and barely remember. I just found Demon's Crest to be an above average game with nothing special, but was frustrating gameplay/difficulty. That said, it is pretty. I'm just warning some that it may not be what they're hoping for. 

In Topic: The RetroN 5 pre-order thread, Delayed YET AGAIN...releases in "30-40 day...

Yesterday, 02:30 AM

You're after the same goodness as I am. I managed to pick up Metal Warriors a few months ago (it really is an EXCELLENT game btw), and Demon's Crest is #1 on my hit list still but I refuse to pay more than ~$70 (I've seen it as low as in the $50s). I haven't been actively looking for Wild Guns but it will be on my list after I snag Demon's Crest and Ogre Battle.


Fortunately, I have managed to acquire the majority of the really good carts for SNES/NES over the past couple of years so I'm more than ready to go whenever this thing actually launches.

Demon's Crest. I remember picking up that game in 1995 for like $20-$30 new at Software Etc at the mall. Didn't know shit about it except that it looked decent and was cheap. That game was very frustrating though and I regret the purchase. 



In Topic: The 2013/2014 NBA Thread

09 April 2014 - 04:39 AM

Brooklyn defeats Miami for 5th time this season, 3 season games, 2 preseason. Boooooom Shaka Laka!

Make that 6 times! Lebron blocked at the buzzer!