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In Topic: Stand by for Titanfall!

18 August 2014 - 02:57 AM

However the developer really needs to start living up to their patches.  They said that SLI / Crossfire support was added in the 1.5.x release but guess what?  that 2nd card is still idle.  nope, a lie.  for a source engine game, this is kind of unacceptable.




the only way to get SLI is a custom profile download via GFE.  Or use some of the download links in the forum.  

In Topic: Destiny (PS3/PS4) Official Thread

11 August 2014 - 07:26 PM

Because it's an MMO?

It has elements of an MMO.


right from Bungie.


(side note - no beta characters will be moving foward to the release.  All characters have been deleted from the beta.  I'm very happy to hear that.  No one gets a head start).


Asked as part of the latest Bungie Weekly Update if the studio ever gets tired of people called Destiny an MMO, the developer said it enjoys the constant debate about how to classify the game.

"Not at all. Do you guys ever get tired of us insisting it's not an MMO? Debate about this game is always fun, and we welcome it," Bungie said. "The ideas that are shaping Destiny come from a lot of different places. We're drawing the best elements from experiences we love. Like an MMO, our game will compel you to explore."

"You'll embody a character that evolves on that journey. Unlike an MMO, the entire experience is built around heart-pounding action that you'll see through the eyes of your hero," Bungie went on.

"Ultimately, we're looking forward to knowing how you describe Destiny, once you've played it."

In Topic: TLOU:Remastered sells1.5 million confirmed PS4 sells over 10 million consoles...

11 August 2014 - 07:22 PM

wtf is TLOU?  shouldnt it be TLAU?

The Last of Us.  Wtf is TLAU?  

In Topic: Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition 10/14/14 PS4/XB1 pre-orders get LE artbook

11 August 2014 - 02:01 PM

$60 kinda high but comes with $85 worth of DLC & pre-orders get LE 28 page artbook.

This game actually needs a re-release to acquire more sales strengthening the franchise.

Wouldn`t shock me if this does well Hitman will follow too.

This game's intro video to the definitive edition is just stupid.  It shows 0 gameplay or what they've actually changed/upgraded in graphics fidelity.  All  you get to see is a pre-rendered movie cutscene with actors.  So are you going to pay $60 for better cutscenes?  I hope not.


Case in point here's the announcement trailer:



In Topic: The Ultimate 'Build-A-PC' Thread. Complete With Pricings & Recommendation...

10 August 2014 - 01:51 AM

wow...still a lot of hate for ATI/AMD.  I was really wondering why the next gen systems were gravitating towards ATI/AMD for their GPU considering how bad it is on the PC driver wise.  But like others said it was a cheaper solution. 


Does anyone think I should continue with a two optical drive set up like my last system set up?

The old system had a dvd w/r drive and the second drive was a HD/BR/DVD writer drive.  This was my first BR drive before I bought my first BR player in 2008.  I like the fact that I can insert a BR disc into the drive , go to VUDU.com and get a digital copy of my library for cheap but only with me having a BR disc drive.


Once the system is here, I am going to work on dumping every single cd I have into MP3 format (440+ cds).  Doing this before made things quick and easy with two drives goings.


I just thought of something.... if I do this with the drives writing to an SSD...will this go faster or will it be limited to the speed of the extraction/read speed of the optical drives themselves?


Nothing faster than the read speed of the optical drives.  That's the bandwidth limitation.  The only way I've increased speed is copy the raw audio format files to the SSD then do the conversion.  It goes a hell of a lot faster and direct from SSD to RAM is really really fast.  So I move the files during the day, then let the conversion happen when I sleep and everything is done.  No need to sit and wait for both extraction and conversion at the same time.  Total waste of time.


I don't know I have two optical drives.  One Bluray in the PC and one writer externally.  My external pioneer has out lasted 3 internal writer drives.  It's nearly 6 years old but it seems to have the best build quality of anything - I had samsung, LG and Sony/Hitachi optical drives.