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CheapyD talks RoboCop Trailer + 25 more minutes of RoboCop

Posted by CheapyD, 06 September 2013 · 2882 views

robocop cheapyd

Watch my reactions live on computer tape as I watch the RoboCop trailer for the first time. Then, I forget to stop talking about Robocop for 25 minutes.

i'm not saying it looks "great" or whatever. but it looks fine. You're right in that it is too early to judge that film. It's not one of those films that looks terrible from the trailer. If the new Robocop turns out to be bad I'll be surprised.


I also agree that black was not better than the classic look.

its look fine its got my money gary oldman sam jackson keaton solds good to me.

Bet Robocop has to flee from those ED-209s, he tries to go down the stairs like in the original, and the ED-209s can walk down steps now.

Hmmm maybe I don't know enough about Robocop but I thought the trailer was bad. I also don't want them to just do another remake though.


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