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Operating System Usage on CAG - 2005 vs 2013

Posted by CheapyD, 14 September 2013 · 2793 views

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OSwar by CheapyD, on Flickr

That's an example of how websurfing has changed within eight years, most likely even less. With Apple's smartphone everybody had the ability to go on many websites, and every other company had to jump on board, and look at it now. Just 56% of Cheapassgamers use Windows now. Assuming that most Windows users are on desktops, how many of the other Oses are primarily phones? In five years, will these percentages change rather wildly?

Weird. I can't imagine using a phone for internet surfing. Scary to think how things will look in another 8 years.

Weird. I can't imagine using a phone for internet surfing. Scary to think how things will look in another 8 years.

If the site is optimized for mobile devices like CAG, surfing the internet is much more relaxing and faster. Well it seems that way for me. Being able to scroll through pages with my thumb and pinch to zoom in/out.

Watch out.....the Sony fanboys will attack Windows next.......

Quite the keen look at changing trends.

Its amazing how much mobile has come on, even in the last year.

Man I know Linux isn't popular but I thought it would be a little bit larger than barely anything. I don't use Linux regularly but I do sometimes and in regards to Ubuntu it's come a long way. I guess I'm among a small group that actually uses Windows, Mac, & Linux OS's. As for mobile I'm sure it's a lot of ipads and other tablets pushing them up a good fraction. I only phone browse when I have to.

I use Linux regularly to visit CAG. But I only use it at home. At work I have to use the Windows box provided for me. The ubiquity of Windows in the business world, and the amount of browsing that happens during work hours, certainly influences the continued dominance of the platform. It is interesting to see mobile browsing making such pronounced inroads. (and to a lesser degree, Mac OSX)

apparantly there was a freeBSD user in 2005 and you guys did something to scare him off.

What is all the "other" like the ChromeOS? Also I use linux on my laptop but my desktop I have windows, it is just easier to game that way.

Very interesting.  I am still using Windows XP.  With the end near, I need advice on which OS to use.  And being cheap, I was thinking of switching to Ubuntu. Any advice?  I was thinking of dual booting between XP and Ubuntu. And only use XP for gaming.


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