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Final Fantasy X|V things: Digital sales are back, I capped all the classes and my name is in the credits!

Posted by MiNuN, 20 September 2013 · 827 views

Hey guys, just an update in my FFX|V world that I wanted to share! :bouncy:

First of all, the overly-popular title (literally), FFX|V Online is back with digital sales. If you did not know, the title was more popular than expected and thus caused server problems, in reaction to this, they stopped digital sales for nearly a month and offered refunds (Which Sony was immediately okay with since they got enough sales to not care about refunds, from what I seen). With the halt of new players, Yoshi-P (Game director, best game director) focused on making the servers stabled and enjoyable for people who has always purchased the game. The game was hard to log in for about a week and half and character creations on a lot of servers were not allowed. They then made a new group for Duty finder (3 in total now) added a bunch of new servers and added idle kicker (30 minutes idle = kick) and logging in has been smooth sailing after that initial week and half. In return, that week and half were free days + gave us another free week to make up for the problems. With digital sales available again, I saw a huge wave of new players, just to show how popular this game is at the moment and the amount of servers is insane! :dunce:

I beat the story! :bow:
I did not have a lot of time to play FFXIV except all day on my days off and I finally beat the story a few days ago. What a good story, it was decent but the length of it is like a console game, you are going to put in that near 20 hours just to beat the story!

Here are my scores:
Graphics - 8.5 [Best looking MMORPG out there in addition to cinematics]
Story - 7.5 [Decent average Warrior of Light story]
Gameplay - 7.5 [Decent gameplay that works]
Sound - 8.5 [A beautiful OST]
Feel good game - 9 [You will definitely have fun playing this]

in news to my own character, I now have 950 levels under his belt with all the classes capped :baby:

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because we stuck with FFX|V during 1.0., our names appear in the credits under Meteor Survivors! I took a recording of mine, but too lazy to make a picture of it, so here is my girlfriend's instead.

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- MiNuN credited!