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Gaming gives us Gamers a better life-style

Posted by MiNuN, 08 October 2013 · 1050 views

I work at a gambling environment so I see a lot of people who are addicted to such activities, not only that, you will hear stories directly from them and realize it is not always fun & games in such environments.

People would arrive when I start work and leave when I finish my shift, or even stay over-night, that is why it is able to stay open for 24/7.

I can not help by think back to the phase everyone has heard at least once, especially with retired older generations. They are bored at home so they want to return to work. Honestly, this has never made sense to me, so I brood over it and I realized it is because the people might not have a hobby or two they are passionate about like us gamers, so all they know to pass the day is by working, some people that no longer have that will turn to gambling and spend unhealthy hours at it daily, which results in huge loss of money in the long run.

Makes zero sense to me.

This is how my work day goes
- 8 (Work shift)+4(Traveling)=12 hours.
- Anywhere 1-3 hours checking my daily websites, depending if I am chatting with people or not.
- Anywhere from 1-4 hours of daily Anime (I am hardcore about new Anime along with games).
- 15 Minutes dedicated to Pokemon TCG Online (Sometimes turn to hours because when you win, it does not feel like winning and want to keep playing to get satisfaction that will never come...)
- 30 Minutes dedicated to FFXIV.

I sleep whenever I pass out after trying to do as much as I could, and the random chores I give myself everyday to feel like I am on top of everything. On my days off I spend it catching up on any of the stuff listed and was not stayed on top of, so I do not really have much time for games at all, in fact, even if I took time off for vacation, I feel like it is still not enough time to play all I want. If by some miracle I am all caught up by my weekly off-days, I play as much games as I could but it is never enough time. I also push aside my things for any socializing events with my friends.

Basically I feel like, even if I did not have a job, I wouldn't be bored at home at all.

What do you guys think?

- Passionate MiNuN

I can not help by think back to the phase everyone has heard at least once, especially with retired older generations. They are bored at home so they want to return to work.

That's a really good point.  I've felt that way on very rare occasions, but you're right, gaming subdues that for the most part.


To add some anecdotal evidence to your initial thesis, I feel like gaming has given me ambition in life.  The whole "delayed gratification" element seen in RPGs and other long-term-investment types of games seems like it has prepared me for pursuing long-term goals in life.  I guess that's partially dependent upon which genres you play, though-- someone who spends their days playing CoD and other sorts of instant gratification games will probably experience the opposite.

This is probably unrealistic, but generally in Games and Anime you get a lot of "Never give up and try you best at everything" kind of characters, and that influences me in a way when I aim for something irl.

In some ways video games simply replace what some people go to casinos to feel. It's called abnegation. It's a feeling of "zoning out." It's common for people to derive this feeling from the kind of mindless activity with random payouts that casino gambling is known for.


But there are quite a few games that cater to the same desire for abnegation. Titles like Peggle, Solitaire, many RPGs, and especially a lot of MMOs often focus on providing abnegation to the player. The obvious advantage is that most of these games have a fixed cost that isn't very high. Picking up an RPG that you play for 100 hours is going to cost a LOT less than riding slot machines at the local casino.


I don't necessarily think that video games are a miracle cure for dealing with retirement. But I would say that they are a much better value than habitual gambling. And I certainly know that I will spend quite a bit of time playing through my backlog when I eventually retire.



I know video games aren't perfect because there are bad cases of addiction. I didn't know about abnegation and wouldn't know either.

i meet old people all the time who leave retirement to work more.

I also know people who work at home and work sidejobs just to get themselves out of the house.

Its pretty sad, but if your bored all the time, your probably a boring person.

I'm a little confused by Richard Kain's definition of abnegation.  This what google showed me:

Definition of abnegation : When you purposely deny yourself something, especially in favor of the needs of others, you would describe this act as an abnegation


Perhaps "operant conditioning" would be a more appropriate comparison?



whatever.. maybe they've already collected them all. WHAT WHAT??