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CAGs of Kindness (A Must Read!)

Posted by BrolyB593, 24 February 2012 · 4300 views

I am not one to care to blog and this is honestly the first time I have ever done so, but after tonight I felt the need to make one.

I have been having a very crappy month due to many things in my life. I am not trying to make anyone feel sorry for me, I am simply prefacing this with that I have not been in the best of moods as of late and did not expect CAG of all places to thoroughly cheer me up. I however was very wrong in that thought.

I noticed The Darkness II and Deus Ex:HR were both on sale for $25 and ~$10 respectively for the computer. As a soon to graduate college student, my bank account is extremely low. (Low as in $50 and no source of income) I posted on the Steam Trade Thread that I had a $15 iTunes GC and a few random other things I could trade if anyone was willing to purchase one of those games for me. I did not expect any responses but I figured I would try!

Lo and behold I get a response from JKimrey. I traded with him a couple years back when he was on a hunt for an original copy of Ico on the PS2. My Gamestop oddly enough had one in stock for only $20 used (they were going for upwards of $75 on eBay at the time). I gladly drove out there, picked it up and sent it out to him merely at cost. I was simply hoping to help out a CAG in need.

Well, I was asked if I was still looking for The Darkness II, of which I responded that yes I am and listed the few things I had available to trade. The response I got from JKimrey shocked me. He said he did not want anything that I had but wanted to give me a copy of the game because I went out of my way before to help him. I was awestruck by this kindness and thanked him many times. I told him that I now owed him and that when the time came I would return the favor yet again.

Not only was this act extremely kind, but it lifted my spirits and put a genuine smile on my face which I had not had in quite a long time. On this high of kindness, I saw on the Steam Deal thread someone posted all of their coupons to give away because they were not going to use them. I figured I would do the same seeing as I would not be using them and would rather they be appreciated/used by someone!

So onto the thread I go and I post a picture of my inventory. Almost immediately I received multiple messages asking for different things. One such individual asked for my 50% off Black Ops coupon and a Super MNC invite. Upon looking at his account, SuNaSuN, he is very new to CAG with no trade feedback. I at first thought 'darn was hoping to give it to a vet' but then realized who cares, everyone is new at some point and I would be happy to spread any sort of good will!

So I add SuNaSuN on Steam and send him the items. He asked me if I wanted any coupons in return but I told him that I did not have the funds to buy anything right now. I mentioned how Deus Ex:HR at merely $10 was too much for me at the moment so I did not need to be tempted by other coupons! I thought nothing of the trade and simply was glad someone would use my items. I was told to hold on a moment, which I did. When SuNaSuN returned he gifted me a copy of Deus Ex:HR! I told him that it was not necessary and that I was glad to just give him my items but he insisted that I still saved him money on Black Ops and that he was grateful for my kindness.

Now, I must say I am literally glowing with happiness. Yes it is nice to get new games but it is even better to be reminded of how kind people can be. I have friends that make fun of me for being so active on this site, but in the end it is not simply about getting good deals, it is about fostering a community of individuals who gladly look out for one another and show kindness whenever they can.

I wanted to give a special thanks then to Jkimrey and SuNaSuN for putting such a smile on my face. Your acts of kindness mean more to me than you can probably imagine.

Also just a general thank you to the CAG community. You guys are a fantastic family and I want you all to know that.

: )

: )

That's awesome. It's always nice to be reminded that the world isn't full of assholes.
Thank you for sharing your story. I have had similar experiences of kindness here on CAG over the years, and I have tried to pay it forward on a few occasions.

Heartwarming to see decent, generous folk still around.
Stuff like this is the reason CAG has been my favorite destination online for the past 9 years. Our community is full of amazing, generous, thoughtful people. Always great to hear about little acts of kindness having a big impact.
Aww i enjoyed that immensely :)
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^ :rofl:
It's good that there are many CAGs out here just to save money and not make it off of other members. Cheers.
This site will always have a place in my heart just because there are so many nice people gathered here. This only proves it more. Enjoy the games!
Those are really cool stories. It's things like these that make this community feel like home even if it has nothing to do with a deal. Examples like this prove the difference between CAG and SD/Fatwallet/etc is not simply pretentious but grounded in our conduct.
I am glad that so many of you appreciate the story. I am happy that I am able to share it with you all : )
That is really cool. Reminds me of a few months ago, when an acquaintance from high school I've barely talked to in years threw a gift copy of Skyrim at me on the day it came out, after I said something about it on facebook. Totally unexpected but just made my day so much. People really are awesome sometimes.
Cool story dude. A lot of people make fun of this site when I look at it too, but it really is a hobby and we all have the same love and interest: getting more games!
Good read :)
There's a lot of good folks here on this site. Generally, I think we try to help each other out. I've had some terrific experiences, and I've tried to give back. We have a great community here, one that keeps me coming back daily.
love the post. definitely a lot of good people on here!
It just goes to show that CAG is the best place on the internet!
I'm glad I read this story. This was just wonderful! ^_^
fantastic read
wow, the people of CAG are awesome:)