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How to make her fall in love with you (using only your ninja moves)

E3 2012 pictures

Posted by eastx, 24 June 2012 - - - - - - · 727 views

Just thought I'd share some pictures from E3. This was my first year going and I had a blast. Seeing everything in person is (of course) much more exciting than just reading about it. Thankful to my employer Windows Phone Central for the opportunity to attend!



Here's a company that doesn't care about the press

Posted by eastx, 30 March 2011 - - - - - - · 243 views


Had a rough time trying to get in touch with Sega today. I write for WPCentral and I needed to ask them something about Super Monkey Ball , which comes to Windows Phone 7 next week.

Their website does not have any contact info besides one of th...

The Mega Man Universe forum thread movie!

Posted by eastx, 19 July 2010 - - - - - - · 230 views

So I made a thread about Mega Man Universe here...


And somebody went and turned it into a movie!


Sure, they pretty much combined me and Vegetto into one character and changed the setting to Japan, but otherwise it's fairly accurate.

FAQ Writer of the Month: Me!!!

Posted by eastx, 02 August 2008 - - - - - - · 164 views

I don't care if ya like IGN or not. They run their FAQs section very well and of course they're just really popular, so this was cool:

FAQ Writer of the Month

I got Soul Calibur IV out of the deal too.

Please lemme know what you think of the interview. :D

Let's look at the Resident Evil film franchise.

Posted by eastx, 19 July 2008 - - - - - - · 229 views

I watched all 3 Blu-Rays in order in one night. My review deals primarily with the third movie as it closes the trilogy (for now).

The first film is an exciting, scary movie that's somewhat similar to the games but different from most zombie movies. Zombie humans, zombie dogs, and a computer-generated Licker all threaten the heroes, who are investigating...