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Our Favorite Games When We Were Kids

Posted by zlatour, 27 August 2013 · 773 views

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I'm apparently much older than those two, since I remember the NES Metroid and Legend of Zelda as my first games.


Anywho, both NES Zelda titles, Final Fantasy, Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, Metal Gear, Tecmo Super Bowl, Baseball Stars, Rambo, and Metroid took up countless hours of my time. Especially Baseball Stars and Tecmo Super Bowl.


The PS1 era was ushered in during my teens. All three FF titles, Chrono Cross, MLB '99, NBA Live '97, and Coolboarders 2 were probably my most played games.

You definitely grew up with amazing titles.


BTW These weren't our first games. These were our favorite games. My first games we on the 2600 around 1990 and NES not soon after.

Well I derped. Even if we're going with favorite instead of first, my answer would be the same. Had an NES from birth until my teens, when we got a PS1. Didn't game enough at friends' houses to have a favorite game, outside of possibly Mario Kart. It wasn't so much the game that I enjoyed (it was fun, of course), but it was a wonderful excuse to hang out with a girl I had a crush on.