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CLASSACT I NEED YOUR ADDY! -trading update-

Posted by Anbu_Zim, 23 October 2008 · 444 views

I need your addy Classact.

I'm sending:
Zune + Box + Manuals + CD + USB Charger + $10 ($5 to cover shipping + $5 for your time for those of you cags that can't add) + bad Earphones, all I have.

...after 3 weeks of little to no communication, attempting to resell an item that you hadn't even paid for for 30 bucks more than you paid for it (consequently claiming it worked perfectly, I might add).

Hate to tell you this kid, but yes, you are a scammer.
Yikes, smacked down by shrike.
It's not in worse condition
Oct 23 2008 07:48 PM
You agreed to buy the item, dumbass.

You agreed, he went out and bought some new toys, and you fucked him over with it. He sold the item so he could fund his new toys, and some dumbass chipmunk looking kid ruined his parade by saying ''Nevermind, I don't want it'' three weeks later.

Ask your mother for a months advance in your allowance and pay the guy.
Umm I never stated it worked perfectly, I mentioned it had a problem with it's earphone jack and it was kind of fixed, but still messing up.
This has been taken way out of proportion. This is between Classact and Me.... and some mods.
Oct 23 2008 07:50 PM
Thats like going into Best Buy, buying a brand new Zune, using it for three weeks (even breathing your Cheez It breath all over it, and using your Cheez It stained fingers to touch the buttons) then going back and saying ''I don't want it, because its a broken piece of shit!"

Its not rocket science, kid, just give him the money you agreed to give him. classact is getting the shitty end of the deal, because hes been out of his item for three weeks, and all hes getting is his item back and now he probably won't be able to sell it with potential buyers in fear of what some 11 yr old kid did to it.
Also, WTF are MS points? I never even received any of those.
What Shrike said, with the addition of TRYING TO SELL IT ON THIS FORUM FOR $90 before paying for it.

THAT is a scam, right there.
And everyone who can post on your blog.
I'm very clean and I don't touch things with dirty or "cheez it stained" fingers.

You have no idea who I am so don't say stupid immature shit like that.. and I'm the immature one? Grow up.
You said it was probably your headphones, in an attempt to lead potential buyers to think that the problem was not with the zune.

So either it wasn't messed up to begin with and you are lying about the actual condition, or it was messed up, and you lied to potential buyers by putting the problem off on the headphones.

Either way, you are a liar. Period.
I was trying to sell it because I wanted him to have his money since I was running out of options.
If its just between classact, you and the mods, why did you open a topic called "I'm under investigation for scamming another user."

You're a crybaby AND a liar.
Oct 23 2008 07:53 PM
You were planning on giving him 90 bucks for your mistake? Bravo. :rofl:

You even told the dude you only had 48 bucks and he agreed to the 48 dollar price tag.
Most CAGS including myself take trading/selling very serious. What did you want us to do pat you on the back, and be like oh yeah way to go... Mang Or make up a lie, and tell you everything is ok. You messed up, and you will pay for it. Just own up to it, and be a man... errr boy... Hopefully you will learn from your mistakes.
I didn't name that thread that, another stupid ass mod did. the original title was "I'm under investigation" but there go the mods abusing their powers. Just like on Pojo and everywhere else.
The title of the thread is irrelevant, pansy, the fact remains you opened a thread to garner sympathy for the situation. You opened the door to criticism at that point.
Last time I checked, you can't buy something at an agreed-on price if you don't have the money to buy it. Doesn't work in a retail setting, doesn't work on the Internet.

I think you tried to buy it at a reduced price, clear your initial purchase to classact and make a few bucks on the side. Which we've seen you do on other previous buy-and-sell turnarounds.

Go borrow the money from someone and pay off what you owe, because you are committing mail fraud, which is a felony, and will get the attention of your local police, the USPS Postal Inspectors, as well as the FBI.

I'd suggest resolving the issue quicker than later, because the longer this goes on for, the worse it will get.