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CLASSACT I NEED YOUR ADDY! -trading update-

Posted by Anbu_Zim, 23 October 2008 · 444 views

I need your addy Classact.

I'm sending:
Zune + Box + Manuals + CD + USB Charger + $10 ($5 to cover shipping + $5 for your time for those of you cags that can't add) + bad Earphones, all I have.

Kind of like how you abused your power of having higher feedback than classact?
Hey, I todl you i'm going to get his address and then send out Zune, that's it. Nothing illegal.
I think I'm going to talk to classact, get your address info, then go find out your ISP and contact them to let them know you're committing mail fraud over your connection. I'm sure you'll enjoy getting kicked off your ISP for something foolish like this.
You bought a Zune you couldn't even afford?
Wow, you changed the blog post, AGAIN. I've lost track of how many times you've changed it. Kind of like how many times you've tried to change the deal.
Oct 23 2008 08:02 PM
You're really missing the point. Its been almost a month since you had the item and you're playing it cool by sending it back. He doesn't want his item back, he wants his money! Sure, no wrong is done to you, but he feels shitty because now he has to push an item AGAIN, because you wasted his time. He probably won't even be able to sell the item on the site anymore, after its been through you and nobody is gonna want to even give the item a second look.

You tainted his name with the item, and instead of sucking it up, asking mommy for the bucks to send it back, or selling your own shit to make it right, you're saying ''Quit bitching, I'll send his stuff back *kicks dirt*? Nuh uh. No way.
What did I do wrong? He's getting his Zune back with extra money adn cap earphones.

GO ahead, do that. No proof I ever "scammed anyone" I didn't. As long as it gets returned to him it's all good. But, classact isn't acting his age and isn't giving me his address so I can send out.
Buying something you don't have the money for = owned/fail. You should have at least waited. Then beating around 2-3 weeks with his Zune, and oh you want to send it back instead of keeping it, and sending him the money? Thats sort of like backing out of a trade/deal.
You STILL don't know what you did wrong?
Oct 23 2008 08:06 PM
You didn't do anything wrong? :rofl:

You're calling us stupid, saying we can't add, yet you're not responding to any of the posts that clue you in with some knowledge. Hey, dumbfuck, can you read? I have some copies of Where The Wild Things Are you can buy off me, but I want the money, not some bullshit excuse to send it back when it takes you three weeks to read it.
Here's how the whole story went:

Classact and me made a deal for the zune, $60. Conformed, done deal. Then after about a week or two he responds saying there was mail problems and he's either.. let me say that again.. EITHER reduce the price $12 dollars or give me some..MS points or soemthng.. don't even have a freakin' xbox. I agreed to the $12. Now it's $48 dollars, I had the cash the whole time. After about 3 weeks or so, i never see a zune, i'm waiting by the mailbox everyday
"where's my zune?"

finally, i figger he bails because he has low feedback, and he just says Fuck it. well, finally i spend the money. having worked for it all month i spent it on games i think.

ooooopsss, stupid me, after 3 1/2 weeks it gets here... i say oh shit and try and find a way to get his money...so i try and sell it to get his money sicne i kind of feel bad for doing this.. then he does this whole scamming theing and gets me fucked
Fuck him
You was in the wrong to beat around, and keep it for 2-3 weeks. You should give the dude the money, and not the zune. That is what you did wrong.
No, Fuck you. You could have cancelled the deal with a PM, just before you spent the $60.
You're trying to blackmail classact in taking his Zune back now?
Man, I hope this all ends up being evidence in your trial.
also his sister came on and told me he was a gambler and a emotional person WHEN THE ZUNE WAS STILL INCOMING!!! I HAD NO CLUE WHAT WAS GOING ON, SO I SPENT THE MONEY!
What you are not adding, is when i offered you to send it back when you low balled me 30, regardless the law will be involved, you can keep saying you did nothing wrong, but I do have all the pm's we the forum have all your comments and story changing, you do not think this is a big deal, you have had chances to do the right thing, this is bigger then a argument on a forum. Since you think you did nothing wrong you should have no problem with mail fraud, local authorities, your ISP and claims court right?
Bye Bye AZ
Oct 23 2008 08:12 PM
Kick his ass, Seabass.
I am on my way out now, will be back in a few hours, I was debating the legal action, but after his great attitude I will go ahead with it, anyone has anymore info for me just pm me and let me know, I have started on a claim for it, his state of CA gave me alot of great info I needed.