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CLASSACT I NEED YOUR ADDY! -trading update-

Posted by Anbu_Zim, 23 October 2008 · 428 views

I need your addy Classact.

I'm sending:
Zune + Box + Manuals + CD + USB Charger + $10 ($5 to cover shipping + $5 for your time for those of you cags that can't add) + bad Earphones, all I have.

Anbu, I though you sounded fishy the other night when posting in your other thread, but after seeing your responses here, I'm convinced that you're a shady, ignorant child.

How about you send me some games? I swear I'll pay you right away. If you don't hear back from me for 3 weeks, don't worry. I'm just busy playing the games you sent. When you finally get fed up and want your money, don't worry. I'll tell you I don't have any, but I'll send the games back. Don't think of it as "renting" your games. Think of it as a trade gone bad.

just sent all the pm's to shrike

wonder what else happened to the zune
wow indeed
lol, that's great. I really hope class can find this kid and punishes him under the full extent of the law. I mean, I get he's scared, but he's done everything in his power to screw Classact over. Even when given options, he's decided that he's going to continue to try to get out of taking responsibility. Fifteen or fifty years old, he needs to learn a lesson.
Anbu what don't you understand? You took class' Zune, used it, and now you're returning it. I know this has been said before but when class sent you the Zune YOU WEREN'T RENTING IT!

You agreed to buy it, he sent it and you didn't have the money. That's not his problem. There's really no excuse for your ignorant actions. I don't care if you're only 13 you should have been honest with him from the very beginning. Instead you go off and try to flip that shit on CAG, wow did you really think you weren't going to get caught? :roll:

Things aren't looking good for you at all. You owe him money rightfully, but if you're going to be a prick about it and send him his Zune back you deserve to have your trading rights revoked. Do the right thing and maybe the CAG community won't be on your a$$ so much.
Tomorrow I will be researching all my legal options after work, and go through with it this weekend, I have never had to file anything like this before, so any advice, recommendation, any help at all would be great via pm.

I have his name, his address, and the pm's saved as well as being able to use all these threads for paper, I also still have the DC I used to send the zune.
Scammer Is What Scammer Does!
Now this is a blog worth reading!

But seriously though, I hope he gets it good. Last night I was even trying to be sympathetic for him "to a very small degree." However, after everything he has posted in the blog, I say do whatever you can legally against him. I'm really at a loss why he doesn't just go to his parents and ask for the $60 and admit he screwed up and is in a LOT of trouble. Afraid of losing Internet privileges? That wouldn't be as bad as would could happen to him if he doesn't!
This is likely the most views a blog has ever received. Oh, how us CAGs love the drama. Good luck classact, hopefully this mess gets cleaned up, one way or another.
@ buttmunky, I got more views for my girlfriend blog, but he's looking at topping it, no doubt.
Take him to Judge Judy. I swear to God all of CAG will be tuning in to watch that.
Oh holy shit, this is totally nuts. You guys own so damn much, in a matter of instances you get all this crap on the kid and now he's cornered. I must say, I bow to the CAG community on their investigative workmanship and peer-to-peer atmosphere.
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Interstella's right. She's the boss, applesauce.

I got an email today from the kid saying he will pay. So I respond with ok I would like an apology to CAG (which he refused) and I wanted it shipped tomorrow, with DC or tracking.

I get a response saying cant make guarantee's but he will send soon. Something I have heard over the past 3 weeks.

I tell him I it shipped tomorrow and I just get more response with he will ship it soon. After all of this he is still trying to weasel his way out of it.

And for people who think he is not, look at this thread, I have heard this before why would I beleive it.
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My Mom said I can borrow the money, but she doesn't get her check till saturday (next saturday). I'll ship out either that saturday if its before 2 or send out monday morning. this is the best i can do.
He should start selling his own stuff, in order to repay you. Its a good life lesson really.
God anbu is a freakin crook,i hope he stays banned.I think the trade forum should have a minimum age requirement if saomeone has to borrow money from their momma they shouldn't be trading.