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Strikefleet Omega Review

Posted by ugadawg239, 24 June 2013 · 1192 views

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Strikefleet Omega Review
The version of Strikefleet Omega I have is on the Nexus 7. It is a free to play game that monazites through ads as well as potential micro-transactions. I haven’t yet spent any money although you could to give yourself an advantage.

The premise of this game is that Earth is destroyed by a race of insects and you are on your journey to avenge the human race. The main villain is a queen insect who gives you a hard time while your whipping the floor with her brood. Each level in the game you are trying to complete a task. The difficulty ramps up over time while also throwing different obstacles along the way making you rethink the strategies you used before.

I will talk about the campaign because I haven’t played the survival mode yet although I am sure it has to be some kind of hoard mode. Survival mode unlocks at System 14. When you choose a system to fight at, it will bring you to fleet command where you can purchase new ships to use as well as level them up. When the ships are leveled up, they are done so automatically. There doesn’t seem to be any way to level up different characteristics separately. Before you start a system, you will be able to add perks to give yourself an advantage. Some of the perks are Hot-Shot fighter pilots, grizzled ore-miners, and regeneration nanobots. As you purchase more ships, you have the potential to add more perks. Up to three perks can be used at a time and the first one is free. Some of the ships are locked until you reach a certain level.

When you play the game, your ship main ship is present which has ore-miners and fighter pilots. If this ship gets destroyed, you lose the stage and have to play it over again. You start out with five pilots. You use them by dragging your finger from the ship where the pilots are to wherever you want them to fly. You can make any pattern with the ships and they will follow it. Its a really cool way to control the ships. You can move the stage around by dragging your finger through space. Sometimes in the heat of battle when I want to select the fighter pilot path, it will select the area around where I want an the stage will drag when I wanted to change the flight path. You can also call in more ships when you reach a certain amount of money. This money is gained through ore-mining.

There are different classes of ships that have different uses. The starfighter carrier ships will only have fighter pilots and can only kill small ships where you need the interceptor carrier ships to destroy enemy interceptors. Gunships shoot missiles and you use them by tapping the screen to unleash the missile. You don’t have to select the ship to use it, it will automatically shoot missiles, which is really nice. If you have two ships, you can tap the screen twice to shoot two missiles from each ship. There are mining ships that will help you gain money to buy more ships. Lastly, there are bomber carriers that I haven’t gotten yet. As you get passed more levels, the potential ships to be unlocked get larger and more cool looking. You can warp in up to six ships. The ships that are warped in can be destroyed.

When enemy ships come to attack, they will come from anywhere on screen. There will be arrow notifiers off screen to show where they will come from. It gets pretty difficult at times directing all of the potential fighters to attack the enemy ships. The fighters and other ships will attack each other so the screen becomes filled with a huge battle that is taking place, its pretty neat to see.

Although the game is simple enough to understand the first time you play, it goes deep enough and has enough enemy variety to keep things interesting. I highly recommend this game for anyone that wants a great Android game to play. I am sure this game is on iOS also but I am not sure. I give this game an A. I would give it an A+ but sometimes it gets frustrating when you want to redirect flight paths but end up moving the level instead. Do yourself a favor and get this game. I will do an additional review once I finish this game.