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Lying About Santa Is Dumb

Posted by el swordo, 21 November 2013 · 1029 views

Every year billions of kids around the world wait for Santa to come and deliver them presents. In case you didn't know Santa is a make believe character that rides flying reindeer all across the world delivering presents to all the good boys and girls. The problem with this? It's a complete fabrication that undermines the trust of your kids for a stupid story. How can a kid trust anything their parent says if the parent is willing to lie about something so trivial? Also you spend so much money on presents you should at least take some credit. Heaven forbid the kids find out their mom and dad care for them. That's honestly a much better message to send to your kids anyway.

The worst is the mentality of some of the people who spread the lie.


Once I tried to explain to my brother in law that the current incarnation of Santa Claus mostly came into attention by L Frank Baum, and alot of his history is just a mish mash of various traditions, including Pagans. (for example, the Norse had Odin riding sleipneir)


They just look at you, like you're the nutcase, and in various words basically tell you that you're full of shit. (and no, I'm not one of those people who will bah hum bug a Christian holiday and rag on it the whole time and try to rub things in, like some agnostics/atheists do)

watching the new remake of  slient night   will make you   want to punch   santa in the freaking face    its so freaking bad AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH just thinking about it  makes me want to  kick a reindeer

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH just thinking about it  makes me want to  kick a reindeer


I think this is my new favorite slidecage quote.


Who gives a shit?

wtf, some of us BELIEVE!  thanks for ruining my holiday!




I'm with the OP. Although my parents told me there was a Santa when I was younger, I guess I was such a cynical little guy that I never truly believed. Especially when I was 4 and found all the presents they had stashed under their bed. I never, EVER forgave them... So, as soon as I get paroled and have my own children, the truth will stand paramount.

I feel like, as a society, we're starting to run out of things to be upset and offended by.

I feel like, as a society, we're starting to run out of things to be upset and offended by.

You must not go out or check out the news very much. People literally invent bullshit to get offended over. Perceived offenses are the highest they've been since the middle ages. factcheck.com

I was being flippant.  My point was that this idea of kids resenting and not trusting their parents because they find out that Santa isn't real strikes me as a case of "people literally inventing bullshit to get offended over".  I mean, I know that this is a real thing, because I have two friends who have told me they never forgave their parents for "lying" to them about Santa, but it feels like much ado about nothing to me.  When I was a kid, I believed in Santa.  Then, at some point, I discovered my parents were Santa, and I moved on.  No anger, no resentment, no feeling of being tricked.  Just an appreciation of all the gifts they'd given me over the years. 

Apparently, the OP doesn't have kids. I wouldn't call it "lying". Kids don't think the same way adults do. They have a sense of wonder and magic. Why ruin their childhood and take that innocence and wonder away from them. I have a daughter that just turned 5 and a son that is 1. My son doesn't care about such things yet, but my daughter looks at the word differently. She thinks faries are real because of a cartoon she watches. Now does she EXPECT to see a real fairy? No. She knows they "only exist on tv" In her own words. She believes in the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny too. Has she ever seen them? No. We also go to church every week. She believes in God and Jesus. Has she seen them? No. I think the world is a cold and hard place a lot of times. Why take their sense of wonder away? Thy grow up fast enough.....let them have fun and get excited as they let their imaginations run wild. That's what being a kid is all about. I'm sure when you were young you believed in SOMETHING that wasn't real, be it Santa, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Transformers. Let a kid he a kid. As for "wanting to take the credit for the gifts" statement. That makes you sound like a selfish douche. The way I saw it when I was old enough to not believe in Santa was "wow, my parents must have loved me enough to go through all the trouble to make me happy". Did I ever recent them, not for one second. Your friend who says he did resent his parents for it is probably just wanton to sound "cool" or he has other parent issues. Let kids be kids.

And jousley just because kids have crazy imaginations doesn't make it not a lie.   I'm not saying it will be a profound effect I'm just saying that that it has almost zero positive effect and more potential for causing mistrust between parent and child.    If you want your kids to go crazy with imagination give them a good book.  If i'm going to lie it should at least be worth it.   And no I'm not a selfish douche I just think that kids would appreciate their gifts more if they didn't think that they appeared out of mid air.  

I'm just saying that that it has almost zero positive effect and more potential for causing mistrust between parent and child.

Not true and not true.


Take classes on child development.



I never resented my parents for telling me Santa was real. As a kid, imagination needs stories like Santa. If Santa is off limits, what else is also off limits? Imagination is stoked by the thoughts that something COULD be real. I think the Santa topic only becomes an issue when you treat your kids like morons and carry the lie on too long. I have seen parents who have kids that figure it out, but they then convince their children they are wrong. If your kid busts you, let it go.