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Titanfall Beta PC Impressions

Posted by s0undwav3, 20 February 2014 · 1019 views

Titanfall Beta for PC just ended a few minutes ago on 2/20 at 1215am EST. It was suppose to end on 2/19 at 6 PM PST but they gave us some bonus time to play.

So far my impression of the game. It's a great fast pace game - a hybrid between Call of Duty and Sci Fi abilities sort of like in Halo. The wall jumping and the aiir combos you can do remind me so much of what you could do in Mirror's Edge. So it's a combo of 3 games.

The smooth transition from solider into a titan is very elegant, you can drop into your titan at any angle...top, side, under, sideways off a wall... but the best thing I liked about a titan is you could have it guard you. So you could do twice the killing and get massive XP for that (if you are good at being a soldier).

I like the attrition mode and the capture the points (alpha, beta, charlie) but I wish they would cut out the auto voice - that is why the game has integrated team speak support (mic). However most of the people I played with since last weekend, I could count about 20 people who actually talked during missions. It's very hard to coordinate without people talking. The beta disabled any type of in game typing chat.

I wish there were more human players - 6 x 6 is kind of limiting. The added players are all bots. And man the bots sometimes are very very good, like some of them can even hijack a titan - but 80% of the time they are just plain dumb. You can actually walk beside the enemy bots and they won't even see are attempt to shoot you. The AI really needs a lot of work.

There were 3 classes of titans you could play around with in the beta. I didn't see to much of a difference at all in any of their abilities but the tank one - you could last a long time without dying. I think it will be rebalanced when the game comes out.

The burn card idea is pretty nice but I have no idea how you get certain cards. One time I got an ogre titan card and that was probably the best card in the stack.. You start the game and your titan just falls in without having to wait the 3 minute time frame. So you can lay waste to the enemy without having to worry at all about other titans (if no one on the other side has an ogre card). I just wish you had more time before respawning to choose a card to burn. instead of 5 seconds make it 10 seconds. Sometiimes I forgot what 3 cards I lined up.

Would I pay the launch price of $60 + tax. No. Would I buy it from gamefly with 20% off (48 + tax), nope. I think this game is probably worth around $30. Just so far only 4 types of titans and a limited amound of soliders (3) is very low key for a AAA title from EA.

So what are other peoples thoughts on the beta?

I feel the same way. Decent game but not worth the 60 dollar entrance fee. If it had a single player campagn to it then maybe. But as a MP only game 60 dollars isnt worth it.