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A movie you must watch with your kids

Posted by s0undwav3, 17 December 2018 · 4553 views

In my life, I have never endorsed a movie franchise from any studio. However, this all changed with Ralph breaks the Internet.


Wreck it Ralph was awesome when it came out in 2012 but the story line wasn't a very strong one as a parent, and I feared my son would just grow up addicted to video games like I used to be.


Fast forward 6 years later. I had my son watch Wreck it Ralph 2 hours before I surprised him by bringing him to see Ralph Break the Internet. He couldn't even remember watching Wreck it Ralph (hence not a great strong message behind the movie). Oh and he has not grown up to be addicted to video games (except the games they let him play on his iPad at school (yeah his public school gives every kid an iPad). Sports is his life right now and learning some great hardware engineering (he loves "Snaps Circuits Junior", if you don't know what that is, look it up, it's wonderful for any kid, young or older)


We both go and see Ralph Breaks the Internet. For the very first 5 minutes, I start to applaud Disney for the great story, the messaging about friendship, and the very positive message right from the start. The whole "legendary" Disney Princess scene (and what they do later to rescue Ralph) - is probably the best messaging I've ever heard from any Disney movie. (once you see it, you will understand why)


Not only that, I work in the field that the movie is based on - and I can only say it is one of the very best messaging for both older kids and adults should pay attention to. Yes the jokes are old about ebay (eboy, facebook, youtube, instagram etc) but I have to say explaining DDOS to my son, and darknet and other things mentioned in the movie - he never had a clue until now. Comments are the worst on the internet, and I have made it a point for my family never to join facebook or any of these social platforms. It's just a waste of time and ultimately alters your social interactions all together.


Anyway, we stayed even for the rickroll, we both walked out of the movie, my son declared it was in his top 5, and said, "Now I know what you do Dad, and you are a hero to everyone" - that to me was just GOLD. My wife heard him talk about the movie, he said the same thing to her, and now she realizes how much he does pay attention to what's being said.


He's only 8. But this one movie, explained nearly my entire work life to him. And it is nearly my entire life - 24 years in cyber security. Now he goes around and tells his friends, his friend's parents what I do, and he can explain to them exactly what I do.


I can say his favorite movie sequence is the legendary princess scene. I got all the jokes about how Disney has always portrayed women and girls - not in the best light - but that one scene reversed all the negativity I've had with their propaganda. It's like a world apology and they admit to their failure as a company, to the public, to us, and to our children now. Good for Disney.


And finally there is a story that explains the good and the bad and the ugly that is the Internet, in a way our youth can fully understand. I can't say this is the best movie I've seen this year but it also is now in my top 5.


When it comes out on streaming platforms, take time, watch the movie, learn something, and realize a corporate giant monopoly entertainment company can make fun of itself and literally admit to it's faults and problems all in a single movie.

Thanks for the review. I can agree that the plot wasn't too strong in the original Ralph, but what made me love that film were the nods and small homages to the video game and arcade culture of the 80's and 90's. I'm hoping this new Ralph film still has that feel to it. Regardless, I'm glad to hear you found the plot to be solid. 

Was hoping this was a recommendation for A Serbian Film. Quite a family film!

I felt this one was actually somewhat disappointing in comparison to the first one. 




It's called "Ralph Breaks the Internet".  That didn't happen until the last 20 minutes of the film. Unless you count using the slang of it and him becoming an internet sensation, which I felt was pretty weak overall.  The whole revenue of clicks and earning $27K in such a short time was absurd and only furthered the idea that you can get rich being a moron on the internet, something I would not want to give kids the idea of. 

It's bad enough that there's internet-famous people pulling harmful pranks and using anti-semitism and racist remarks in their let's plays that are getting passes and still have accounts, but this notion of instant celebritydom is just furthering this incessant need of narcissism, and just drags down modern society faster. 


I do appreciate the visual representation of aspects of the web like you said. But didn't Mr. Litwak wonder why a wheel with an invoice for $27K paid suddenly arrived without provocation?

And wouldn't the programmers notice Vanellope in Slaughter Race and remove her? 

Yes, yes, i know, It's just a movie and the whole idea of sentient video game characters alone needs a sense of suspension of reality.

But these are reasonable questions to ask. 

I still like the film overall, but I won't be (Sugar) rushing out to buy it on day one. Worse, no one has had the original which was rereleased for under $25! 

Had no interest in seeing this, but in your boat and now I plan on seeing it right away. I'm a EE, started with slackware day one, 6 kids later and feeling like a pioneer ( I have a daughter studying computer science / robotics now ) and my youngest is 4 - I feel maybe you should also be in sales, you sold me right away and hope I enjoy this as much as you.