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Bumblebee - The Live Action Transformers movie that is fantastic

Posted by s0undwav3, 29 December 2018 · 4806 views

I grew up during the time of the Generation 1 Transformers. I still have many of the toys, and since I've bought some masterpiece generation 1 transformers while in Asia.


After all the trash movies that were Michael Bay travesties - even though they raked in $$$, he messed with the transformer logic, robot shapes and even identities of robots.


Fast forward to the end of 2018. I brought my son on Xmas day as a complete surprise to see Bumblebee.


The opening sequence of the first 10 minutes is worth seeing in the movie theatre. The war on Cybertron in all it's glory plays out. I couldn't count how many transformers I have and could recognize.


Then the movie plays out and I'm so happy it's a total focus on Bumblebee with a mix of just 4 total Transformers (excluding hologram prime).


My son loved Kubo and the Two strings, and this director knows how to make really really good kids movies that have a positive message and story.


If you have time to see it in the theatre before it's gone, it's well worth even a matinee of $5 or so.


I'm glad we didn't see it in 3D. There are only 3 scenes for 3D and one is the opening sequence. But the screen was busy so hard to track everything!!