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PS Vita TV = Good Idea

Posted by jkam, 10 September 2013 · 1026 views

This is not an admission that I think this thing will sell gangbusters, but it's a good idea...why?

You hit the $99 price point and auto-magically you have a device that makes for a low barrier to entry as well as an impulse buy. Now most of us in the "know" are smart and realize you'll probably at least need the $150 version that comes with a controller and a memory card but it's all about perception. $99 $99 $99. This hits the roku, apple tv, etc. fun toy price point. Let's be honest too, you think if a apple tv with gaming capabilities came out they wouldn't make you pay for a controller?

It's small, as in really really small. It makes for an easy addition to the living room and can be moved easily from room to room. Heck it might even make for a good travel companion. People like the convenience of a small box.

So why create this thing? It's all about the brand and the infrastructure. Everything is already in place. You already have PS Vita games, PSP games, PS1 games, Minis, and even mobile games in an online store so why not take advantage of it by allowing more people to access it? It's the same model that apple, amazon, google and everyone is after. Come to "OUR" store. OUR ecosystem. That's what this is about. Buy your movies here, rent them, buy some games, get some music unlimited etc etc. Buy from us.

They already have the brand "Playstation". The tech already exists...no R&D. I don't think it coincidence Sony has been working feverishly with the indie community. Put your games on OUR systems. Throw in some apps, netflix, hulu, a little movie player...the same stuff everyone has in their box and you have added value. Sign up for PS Plus, get some free games, look at all the value!

Oh look hardcore audience you can stream your PS4 to this thing! Put one in every room!

I think Sony is ahead of the curve on this one and preparing well for their future. Will it work out? Who knows but it appears competition seems to be lurking around every corner so why not try to reach as many people as possible as soon as you can?

This is one of the best decisions I've seen Sony make in years. I'm just waiting to hear when they intend to bring it to other territories.


The Vita TV is the perfect product for Sony to market their gaming offerings to a broader audience. It is essentially a gateway to hook people into PSN, and the digital content it has to offer. It's ideal for pushing Vita software, Playstation peripherals, and PSN digital content. The 1 GB of built-in memory is a well-balanced concession that will allow the more casual customers to use the device effectively without having to purchase additional memory.


From a business perspective, the whole thing is genius. Customers benefit from having additional choices. They get an affordable box that can provide them with all sorts of functionality. Sony benefits from having an additional platform for selling software, and one that won't break the bank in terms of production. Developers benefit from having an expanded install base for Vita and PSN games. Even retail benefits from this. A smaller box like this one will be a welcome addition to store shelves, and will have a much more attractive markup compared to most other home consoles. The nature of the box will help to drive peripheral sales, memory card sales, and physical Vita game sales. (making it a welcome and less intrusive addition to the retail space) This one is a win-win for everyone.

I think they'll probably have to include the controller for the American release and keep it at $99. I'm fine either way since I have an extra Dual Shock 3, but it would be kind of awkward for it not to have one.


Still, I think it's a great move and the more I think about the Vita TV the more I want one. I already have a ton of Vita and PSP games thanks to Playstation Plus and the streaming feature sounds like it could be totally awesome! I'd love to be able to play my PS4 in multiple rooms without having to move the PS4 around. 

Glad to see other people liking the idea... I definitely want one. It's cheaper and lets me play while lazily sitting on my couch. 


Now, if only someone would hack it so we could use it to emulate SNES games. 

Like KillerRamen, the more I think about it, the more I want one.  I agree with what you say in your blogpost, I hope it sells well (and comes to the US in the firstplace, though I think this is a nobrainer, especially considering the positive feedback it has received thus far.)

Im not sure that its a something that I need in my life, but I gotta say theres gotta be a shit tone of people who would love this type of thing.  There really going all out on this.

This device does intrigue me, but they have to get those memory card prices down asap. 


Would definitely be interested if Sega ever releases PS02 (vita) in the US.  

The PSP still this does was my favorite handheld(mostly for the homebrew but still enjoyed the games). I've been waiting to buy a Vita for a while and I think I may just bite on this if I can't find a good deal on a Vita near Black Friday.