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My Collection: The Survivors

Posted by jay_remedy, 14 September 2013 · 828 views

Okay, this is my final entry in my three part series about my backlog. I decided to drastically reduce my backlog recently and I thought people might be interested to see what I considered was worth my time, so here are the survivors of the culling. The games under the beaten category are games I beat or got all the trophies in under my old PSN and I'm likely to play them again at some point.

PS3 Beaten:

PS3 Unfinished:

PSN Beaten:

PSN Unfinished:

I feel good about this list and confident that I will actually defeat it at some point.

if you find yourself feeling insanely self loathing, go to that 'time to beat' website and look all of that up.

Naaah, ignorance is bliss, haha.

Just curious, is this a combination of digital and retail? Obviously PSN is an all digital category. Do you plan to tackle retail games first, or is the order whatever you feel like it?

Some of those PS3 games are digital, but just whatever order I feel like.  I generally do a couple PSN games either between retail games or during.  I have a few Plus games that are going to expire in six months so I'm going to try to get those out of the way first.