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Questionable Purchases?

Posted by raarar, 24 August 2013 · 1635 views

I've owned a 3DS since there was that small window of the price dropping and being eligible as an Ambassdor to get the 20 free games. I've never played any of the them. Outside of those 20 games I have never purchased anything for it. I plan on buying Mega Man 2 from the eShop for the hell of it and this would be my first official game purchased for the system in what, 2 years?

So I want to know about your Questionable Purchases.

Runner up: While techinally not a purchase, I recieved a Kinect sensor for christmas the year it came out, played Kinect Adventures for an hour and never used it again. My girlfriend was into Dance Central for awhile but that was it. I have Kinect games in my backlog currently but doubt I will ever get to them.

God, the WiiU. Convinced myself I just HAD to have ZombiU. Preordered at gamestop and should have known when I was the only person there to pick up the console on release date that I'd made a questionable purchase decision. Ended up trading it after a month or 2, when Gamestop had a hardware trade-in bonus promotion going.


I'm with you on the 3DS front, as well. Bought one, practically never been used from some yuppie doofus on craigslist. Play Ocarina and a couple other "nostalgia" type games for as long as I cared. Realized I just don't give, nor ever have, 2 shits about portables. Traded it in the same promotion.

I don't own a 3DS, and the reasons you've stated are probably why.  I was very VERY close to buying one during the timeframe you mentioned, but I actually picked up a Windows Phone 7 at that time and figured it would be enough for me on the handheld gaming front, and I was right.  I still kind of want a 3DS, but I'm not sure why.  I'm only really interested in the Nintendo 1st party games, and those games never drop in price enough for me to buy them.  So if I had one I'm sure I'd be regretting it too.


Since I've been a CAG, I've been extremely good at not having questionable purchases.  Kind of questionable was me buying a Vita when they announced the PS+ program for Vita, which was 3 weeks before black friday and Amazon's killer deal.  But I love my Vita and play it all the time, I just could have had it for cheaper.


I also spent $30 on the Ratchet and Clank Collection, and never really played it.  But usually my most questionable purchases are on digital games on PSN or XBLA that I don't play right away and then they end up even cheaper a few months down the line.


Oh, and I bought a waterpik.  That was a pretty Fuck ing stupid purchase.

I would lump all my household's Nintendo hardware purchases other than my DS Lite. As a CAG I usually skip first-gen hardware, but my wife's kind of a Nintendo fangirl (always wants their new hardware despite preferring the second tier of first-party titles instead of the zillionth Marios and Zeldas). I love her but that kind of bias leads to irrational purchases that I would never make on my own.


She bought the original DS, which I always thought was terrible because of its crappiness in every possible way hardware can be (size, weight, ergonomics, screen brightness) -- I waited and got a DS Lite that is the only piece of Nintendo hardware I don't think was a waste.


We got the Wii (and balance board), which like many other Wiis collected dust after the novelty of Wii Sports wore off, she beat Pikmin 2, and we realized how worthless the WiiFit software was. Of course we bought other Wii games, but I would classify most of those as regrettable purchases based on how little we played them.


She bought a 3DS, which I wish didn't even exist because it's so unessential. I loathe the 3D effect and it's not like whatever upgrade to graphics on 3DS games are a leap above DS ones, esp since the ones I actually like are mostly 2D art.


I bought her a WiiU so she could play Pikmin 3 on it, and it might prove to be the worst hardware purchase of all. Since I knew she wanted it for her birthday I didn't even pay much attention to the price until I went to BB and got the Deluxe with the $50 gc deal from the other weekend. Boy did I ever experience sticker shock. I could barely comprehend how much it cost given what little it provides. Next to NintendoLand, Wii Sports seems like the Mona Lisa of bundled minigames. We can't even play most of the multiplayer games because we never wasted money on Wii MotionPlus controllers last gen. And I know of no WiiU game that isn't coming out on PS3 that I even have any interest in playing.

My questionable purchases? A (desktop) PC. I have 120+ Steam games not counting some indie stuff on Desura and GoG, but I just feel more comfortable buying and playing games on consoles now. It's just a preferred method to game. I grew up a PC gamer in my teens because I "grew out of" SNES/N64 phase as a teen. So I had the mentality I should just keep upgrading my PC, out of habit.


Hindsight says I should have just got a laptop for those small occasions I do want to boot up Steam. It offers much more versatility to not just gaming when not at home, but other things. And hooking it up to the TV for games is much easier than a PC.

I don't regret any console purchase, for the main reason that there is SOME game that's worth playing on any given system. Well, NES up excluding duds like the Virtual Boy and the Atari Jaguar.


However, I do regret buying Dynasty Warriors 6, mainly because I had traded Kingdom Hearts, Chibi Robo, and Baten Kaitos Origins for it on launch day. I don't know what I was thinking personally, every other DW game I LOVE, but 6 just sucked...

My biggest regret was buying a Gamecube. For Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness, no less. I was baited in perfectly with the promise of a true 3D Pokemon game, so much so that it caused me to buy a Gamecub when I previously had no intention of ever buying one. 


Thankfully, I also bought Skies of Arcadia Legends and that more than made up for Gale of Darkness. 

I love my 3DS, it actually got me back into handheld gaming.  I really have enjoyed a ton of the games on it.  Super Mario 3D Land was super good, Fire Emblem, Professor Layton, Luigi's Mansion Darkmoon, really just a ton of good stuff.  I'm looking forward to Pokemon X/Y and the new Zelda game coming out as well.


As far as my questionable purchases go, the only things I often regret are buying games simply because they are cheap, but not necessarily good.  I have bought tons of games for clearance prices or from sales simply because they were only $5-10.  For example, I really am not a fan of fighting or racing games, but I have a lot of those games in my collection since I picked them up for cheap.  In the end, I don't think I've touched any of them even once.  Sure they were cheap, but it adds up.  :)

I'd say the 3DS. I was enticed by Starfox 64 and some other games. Bought one at launch and traded up to a 3DS XL. The thing is I'm getting tired of Nintendo's games. Super Mario 3D Land was great but after that I'm not that into the system. Paper Mario never called me back, Kid Icarus was a let down, DKCR 3D was boring, not interested enough in Luigi, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, or Animal Crossing to buy those. I think my favorite game on the system so far was Resident Evil Revelations. I can't even say I'm looking forward to the new Zelda.


I own a Vita and enjoy it a lot more so I may end up selling the XL.

On the subject of the 3DS, how bout that new 2DS? The 3DS adds nothing to the gaming experience over the previous DS except 3D, so the existence of a 3D-less 2DS really shows how replacing the old DS with a new handheld generation was just a play by Nintendo for more money. Nintendo carved a niche (and a fat one at that) with games that don't require the horsepower that the Sony handhelds provide, so it's not like there was this massive horde of people demanding a DS with better graphics that they were obliged to serve. Maybe they decided they were losing too much revenue to flash carts. That makes for an extremely uncompelling reason for the system's existence. 3DS sales have picked up not because people have realized that the 3DS is superior to the DS, but merely because they've accepted the fact that the DS ship has sailed and all the new games everyone wants to play, which would have worked just fine on the DS, are now thrown on the 3DS.

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