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Relationship Problems Oh Gee!

Posted by 200STM, 23 January 2014 · 985 views

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Relationship Problems Oh Gee! Hey CAGs its 200STM its been a long time since I've made a new blog. For a quick catch up heres how I'm doing! I am 24 now, in decent shape got my teeth worked by a Dentist (I now have Dental and Medical Insurance). I don't have my license or a car unfortunately, but I have finally spread my wings and got my first studio apartment close to my work. I have made a great deal of progression last year. I still work in retail but I am trying to find a better job (I am trying to get into working at a ice cream factory).

I am still single and well unfortunately I kinda blew a chance in dating a woman who lives upstairs at the apartment complex I live in. We started talking and she showed some interest in being serious with me, I however didn't feel ready for being in a serious relationship. I also felt odd that shes quite young (shes 18) so there was a age factor that kinda bothered me. Shes a nice girl though a little clingy at times but it makes kinda since she lives alone and is from another city (She admitted to having daddy issues! x_x), she'll always text me to ask if we can hang out and watch movies.I was surprise when she was ok with me being a Brony, Gamer, and Retro Game Collector was even fine when I told her I don't drive and have just a bike. I got her to try playing battlefield 4 and she had her first experience with the Nintendo 64 (She only played Gamecube). I told her that I still wasnt ready to be serious and call ourselves boyfriend/girlfriend, unfortunately last week she and I were hanging out watching a movie then she says she doesn't feel that we are going to be serious and tells me that we should just be "friends". I agree and didnt feel too bad at the moment untill I walked downstairs and saw a guy heading up his way to see her. I felt shitty and still kinda do a little. Since then that guy shows up a lot, he has a car and they work together.

The next couple of days at work I was not me I was depress, my coworkers know me and they asked me whats wrong you look sad. I told them what happen because I figured it would help talking to someone about it. My coworkers decided to throw a small pizza booze party at my place and it was fun. We talked all night about life stories, relationship stories, video game stories, and anime! It helped and I'm feeling better than I was before but there is still just a small part of me that kinda wishes I took a chance.The next day she did come down to apologize to me and to explain what happen and she said I took too long and she found someone closer to her age. I am not a kind of person to be angry or hold grudges and I know shes young and has no idea what she wants yet but I forgave her and we agreed to be acquintances. I am doing fine but still a little part of me kinda hurts Ive been sigle for almost seven years and I had a chance but I wasn't ready to take it. Lesson Learned....

Thanks for reading CAGs! typing this up on here made me feel a little better, I figure time will help a lot and excersing (I just started excercising again). I also am going to try to spend time with my friends and get back to my hobbies like guitar and getting better at cooking. Have any of you ever had a similar story to mine?

200STM, definitely a good post. I believe that dating an 18 is a little risky since most girls (and guys) are not sure what they want at that age. I would say that possibly find small group in gaming/anime in your town. I am sure you can meet other people in your area since there are many 'girls' who like anime and gaming. Also, although it seems that your job right now is not the best, you do have co-workers who are at least different than average 'American' people who basically see a person who they work with as not a person who they can confide in because of the constant backstabbing in the workplace.


I usually try not to explain the issues in my life as much other than work-related and light entertainment issues with people who like games and technology. Still 200STM thanks for the story and I hope that you can move to a better career and get a girl who shares your interests and is definitely a little mature than 18.

Thanks Aosora13, I know CAG isn't the best place for relationship advice but I figure the community here would like to have a good read and maybe have a similar experience.

Glad you learned a lesson, definitely don't hesitate if there is interest there.  I hesitated with a chick once in high school and definitely paid the price for it.  Sounds like you have some cool coworkers though.    

Hang in there, man; it sounds like you've got some good friends and a good attitude.  It's understandable to feel a little bummed that things didn't work out with this girl, but don't let it get you too down.  It just means you're available for the next great girl you meet.