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It's Been So Long I don't Know What To Title This Blog, Blog :D

Posted by 1NintendoFan, 20 September 2013 · 885 views

It always seems to amaze me how much time passes between my blogs. Yet once again I find myself ready to write a blog and realizing months have passed since I last wrote one. Unfortunately I have been so busy the past few months I haven't even kept track like I usually do. Not so much a let down for anyone reading this (cause let's be honest, I'm sure no one does :P ) but I mostly keep these blogs for myself as something to look back on. That being said, I'm going to do my best to recall what has happened in my gaming life since February! As I was writing this I discovered that it was getting way too long, so in order to make up for that I will be splitting it into parts.... this is also my first blog on the new website!!


That's all for this entry... will be posting my gaming progress, probably tomorrow... then hopefully my next blogs won't be so far apart!

Until next time :wave:

Good to see you back!  I also end up taking long breaks between blogs without even realizing it sometimes.  I have a giant list of topics I want to blog about, but it just always get pushed back and back for other things in my life.


Glad to hear you are enjoying the tablet.  It seems like everyone has one these days, but I don't think I would ever get one (unless it was free or super cheap).  Still, everywhere I go, both personal and business, people are carrying their tablets around. 

Thanks, it feels great to be back ;-)


I know exactly how you feel... I honestly just don't know where the time goes anymore... work can really eat it up!


I actually have quite a few tablets, ipad, Touchpad, Galaxy 2, Nexus 7, Samsung Player, etc. I just really like them. I haven't really bought laptops lately because I find I can do just as much with the tablet... for my needs anyway... and I have more options. I personally don't take mine with me everywhere I go, I mostly use mine at home when I want to watch TV and work or whatnot, or keep it by my bed to play games before I go to sleep or whatever. Like I said, I may end up using the note for work, but we will see. With smartphones now adays I don't really see the need to take the tablet with me all the time, but if I do need to go somewhere with it, it is a lot more portable than a notebook.