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Released a web app for watching YouTube music videos with sync'd lyrics

Posted by Josh1billion, 09 August 2016 · 2551 views

It's a pretty simple concept: the site displays a music video while the lyrics show up in sync with the song.




(Note that the search feature isn't complete yet, so for now you can only really browse via the Watch link at the top. I'll finish the search feature as more content gets added)


While there's the whole "sing along to a song" aspect to it, I think the main use case is going to be for people who are learning languages, because it makes it easy to follow along with a song and learn new vocabulary from it. I've been doing this myself for years to learn new vocabulary, so the app was an idea I had to make the process a little easier on myself and maybe help others in the process.


There's also a mobile version on the Amazon App Store, but all it does is load the website up inside of the app, so it's just there for convenience.

That's really cool! Nice job.