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Building a small "idler + TCG" mashup game

Posted by Josh1billion, 28 October 2019 · 409 views

It's one of those love-it-or-hate-it genres: idler games. :)


This one is mixes trading card game elements into the concept. Play cards to generate gold, spend gold on packs of cards, and strategize by placing the cards in the optimum configuration in the playmat's grid.


Note that this is still an early work-in-progress: what you're seeing is a game that I spent maybe 10-15 hours working on last week as a fun little side project. But the response to it has been way bigger than I expected, getting around 5,000 plays/day on just this little preview build. So I'll be adding a bunch of new content to it, more than I originally planned, and aim for a "real" 1.0 release sometime in within the next few weeks.


Preview build: https://www.kongrega...e-card-idle-wip


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