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Killer Buzz Energy Drinks Review (BevNerd #156)

Posted by PepsiDriver, 28 August 2013 · 632 views

On this episode of BevNerd I review Killer Buzz Energy Drinks.

I taste the Hybrid and Luscious Latte flavors. I also run through their other flavors that I have tried prior to this episode. (Proto, Livid, Dragon Spit and Mocha Madness)

Killer Buzz is formulated with Giant Hornet Amino Acids...WHAT?! That's right, they have synthesized the amino acid blend that is found in the Asian Giant Hornet, who's known for speed and bursts of energy. No insects are found in this can.

Also, find out how to get some great SWAG by saving your can tabs!

Links: http://www.killerbuzz.com



where exactly do I find this hornet infused beverage?

where exactly do I find this hornet infused beverage?


Right now you can find a few of their flavors at Dollar General stores, but with 10 for $10 items within the food section. You can also check out www.thirstmonger.com and KLRBZ5 is the promo code to receive a discount! I've seen them at various gas stations locally, but the drink is based out of Alabama.