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Vanquish - Challenge 6 Guide

Posted by guardian_owl, 12 October 2014 · 2828 views

vanquish challenge 6 trophy guide
The toughest part by far of platting Vanquish is tactical challenge 6 which features a mix of all the toughest enemies spread over 5 waves of combat.

Round 1: 12 regular red gorgies (the normal foot soldier bots with grenades and a machine gun) and a crystal viper
Round 2: 10 helicopter bots, 2 yellow gorgies (fires a stronger laser than the red gorgies), a few red gorgies, and one red Bogey (a very fast, flying bot with lots of super moves)
Round 3: 1 flamethrower Romanov, 2 drill Romanovs, 1 missile Romanov, one laser Romanov, and 5 red gorgies
Round 4: 2 scorpions, 2 flying turret gunners, 3 ball droids, and 6 Blue Ninja gorgies (they can boost to move fast, jump, hover, and are armed with shotguns)
Round 5: 2 Bogeys and 9 ball droids

Challenge 6 is only unlocked after completing the other 5 challenges. Most of the other 5 challenges are pretty straightforward and can be completed by following available videos. Due to the amount and variety of enemies thrown at you in challenge 6 following a video doesn't always work as many enemies (such as the scorpions and particularly the Bogeys) will act VERY unpredictably. My guide (with the possible exception of round 4) is about minimizing risk whenever possible.

Most videos and guides recommend continuously boost dodging during wave 5 to stay ahead of the fire from the two bogeys. I find this method brings luck a bit too much into the equation so I am going to advocate using cover in the form of a large, rectangular, unbreakable stairway railing (most of the rest of the cover in the arena is destructible) to the right of the spawn point as much as possible during wave 5.

If you already have your methods to get to wave 5 reliably you can skip to Round 5. Just know that it calls for killing the crystal viper right next to the railing in Round 1 so it will drop the upgrade cube near the cover and starting the wave with a full laser cannon, life gun, and shotgun. If you are stuck on another wave, I also listed my method for completing the other 4 rounds.


First things first, go into options and either mute the music and or set it on something low like 1 or 2. Listening for audio cues are very important in wave 1, 2, and 5.

North - You spawn facing a large vertical column with a statue on top. That direction is North.
South - The spawn point is flat up against a wall that has a rack with 3 weapons on it. That direction is South.

Dispose of all the foot soldiers. I did it by using head shots with the assault rifle starting at the south-west corner, move north along the west side while facing east. Strafe into the circle of cover around the Northern column and face due east you will notice a bubble spawn straight ahead. Dodge around until the two enemies spawn and immediately cap them in the head before they move, one will drop the life gun. At this point the crystal viper will be about ready to charge so do the QTE. Keep circling around peppering the swarm of gorgies with assault rifle until all that is left is the viper.

Now go to the NE portion of the map, grab the assault rifle to refill your ammo. Walk back to the spawn, swap your assault rifle for the life gun, swap your full HW gun for the sniper rifle. Walk over to the far East (near the demolished car) and swap the sniper rifle for the laser cannon. Take the laser cannon back to the spawn and swap your laser cannon back for your original HW gun. So the rack near the spawn should have from left to right: disc launcher, assault rifle, and laser cannon. NE from the the rack is a rectangular stair railing that cannot be destroyed. Kill the viper as close to the east side of that railing as possible.

The crystal viper can turn invisible, but while invisible you can still hear it's footsteps, Listen for the footsteps to gauge how close it is to you when invisible. It can only attack while visible, but it can decloak just before a slash so keep dodge rolling until it shows itself. If you hear rapid footsteps or see it running at you with its blade sticking out to the side, that means it is charging with a super slash, If it hits you it will kill you if you are already damage from gunfire or immediately put you into forced slow and overheat. When the rapid footsteps get close begin mashing square over and over, when it gets in range it will activate a QTE which stuns it and knocks it to the ground. Fire 2-3 point blank blasts with the shotgun while it is stunned. If you miss the QTE or get put into forced slow with one of his other slashes. Go in and hit him with a boost kick (boost with L2 and while still boosting press circle to kick) before you go into overheat. This will piss him off and he will stand in place and fire weak balls of energy in all directions. This will give you plenty of time to dodge away and get out of overheat before he catches up with you.

You should have a full HW gun, a full life gun, and a partially depleted shotgun at the end of the round.

Boost over to the north side of the column and stand back about 4 feet from it. Target the top of the 3rd palm tree from the left on the east side, when the bubble spawns below count 2.5 seconds and then chuck an explosive grenade. Swing your aim to the right and look for a long white horizontal line on a building in the distance on the west side, Aim just to the right of that and then chuck another explosive grenade. This will kill most of the foot soldiers. Position yourself so that the column is between you and the bogey as the helicopters begin to spawn on the east side. When the helicopters start shooting you start dodging north and south over and over. As soon as all the helicopters spawn on the west side, dodge north, enter bullet time, aim your crosshair 2/3rds of the way up the column, and chuck an EMP. This should kill every helicopter except maybe one. If the remainder are in helicopter mode, the HW gun will do lots of damage and kill it quickly. If it has changed to bot mode, use shotgun to kill it quickly.

Now keep the column between you and the bogey and keep your eye for it to raise up into the sky. As soon as it does, dodge out and enter slow as it is about ready to do a super attack. Pepper it with the HW gun until about half to 2/3rd of the boost gauge is depleted. If he chucks out 2 EMPs dodge back and enter slow and shoot them with the HW gun. If he is preparing to file multi-laser barrage get out from behind the column and hold X and L2 to boost dodge back and forth perpendicular to the laser fire. If you use the column as cover the laser barrage will destroy it. If it comes in close use the shotgun, if it is under 1/2 HP and is close, do a boost kick to kill it.

Just before a super the bogey will hover in place and then taunt so the wind-up time for a super is the ideal time to pepper him with slowmo HW Gun fire. Which taunt the Bogey uses will telegraph what move it is about to do:
"Let's Go" - means it is going to boost in close for a 3 hit melee combo. Dodge roll to avoid and go slow and hit him with a shotgun blast when you can.
"How's this?" means it is about to throw a a grenade which will separate into a cluster of explosive grenades. If you can, go slow and shoot it before it splits, otherwise get away from where they fall.
"Take your best shot" means he is going to charge up and fire a strong continuous laser beam which is very hard to dodge. There will be a glow on its chest and a high pitch whine for a few seconds and then it will fire. If you can get behind the column (it doesn't damage it) do so or if not get into cover.
"Aim carefully" means it has tossed 2, pink, floating EMP grenades which will overheat your suit. Go slow once they appear and shoot them down.
Sometimes the Bogey will follow an "aim carefully" with a rapid barrage of 30-40 laser shots. If it is hovering with wings fully extended and they are glowing pink all over he is about to fire the barrage. This barrage DOES damage cover so get out from behind the column and boost dodge side to side to avoid most of the lasers.

Kill all but one soldier. Walk back to the rack at the spawn. Swap your shotgun for the disc launcher, and swap your HW gun for the assault rifle in the middle. Head to the SE portion of the map and look for the wreckage of a car on the stairs.

You should have a full assault rifle, a full life gun, and a full disc launcher at the end of the round.

Start the round off life gunning the the flame romunav into the group of the other 2 romunavs like in this video, don't bother throwing the explosive grenade. Dodge out and enter slow and shoot the gas tank until it explodes. Then dodge back behind the car and switch to the disc launcher. To the north is a drill romunav, enter slow, aim for the head and fire to decapitate it, then dodge back behind the car. Dodge back out enter slow and either kill the other weakened drill romunav with an assault rifle head shot or fire another disc to decapitate. If the missile romunav is still alive, dodge back out, enter slow and decapitate it too with the disc launcher. Finally dodge out, slow, decapitate the laser romunav to the Southwest, then go back behind the car and wait for a bit. 1 minute after being decapitated a romunav will self destruct. If you miss the decapitation shot and one of the drill romunovs tries to overrun your position knock it back with a life gun shot and give it another try with the disc launcher.

Shoot the remaining foot soldier gorgies with assault rifle until one is left. Locate the rocket launcher which was dropped by one of the drill romunav and swap your disc launcher for it. Swap your assault rifle for a fresh HW gun either across from the rack by the spawn, on the south side of the column or the north side of the column. Position yourself near the spawn and kill the last foot soldier.

You should have a full HW gun, a life gun with 7-9 rounds (make sure to reload before the next round) and a full rocket launcher at the end of the round.

Mostly follow this round 4 video. Life gun the ball droids, boost to the Northeast, go slow and shoot the turret driver. Dodge to the left and get behind the cover, Go slow and try to line up a shot to hit as many ninja droids as possible with the life gun. Once they are weakened switch to HW gun and go for head shots in slow. If a scorpion is about to overrun your position, reload your HW gun and begin dodging Southeast looking for the other flying turret. As soon as you are in range, your clip is full, and your boost meter is full, so slow and shoot the turret with the HW gun, trying to hit the drivers legs, do not stop until either the driver explodes, the turret explodes, or you are about to overheat. At this point the second scorpion is probably catching up to you. Dodge roll in a circle around the arena alternating slow and HW gun fire until all the ninjas are dead. If the scorpions release pink laser drones, go slow and shoot them with your HW gun.

Either try to life gun one scorpion into the other, or if they are both in quad leg mode you can dodge between them and eventually they will be in close proximity to each other. Switch to rocket launcher, aim at the ground between them and fire off all 3 rockets to weaken both of them. Once you are out of rockets dodge away. They will dash and lunge at you to attack with their claws. Alternate between dodge rolling to get distance and slow to pepper the weakest scorpion with HW gun fire. Once one is dead, or they both enter bipedal mode, dodge away and get behind cover and pepper the weakest one until it is dead. In bipedal mode it will stand tall like a humanoid bot and their tails will become machine guns and they will slowly march toward your cover position, firing the gun in bursts. If they are about to overrun your cover position in bipedal mode they will stop shooting and swing the gun back like a staff. The horizontal slash will pass through the cover and put you into overheat if it hits you so dodge away before they slash.

During the fight you will probably run out of HW gun before the second one is dead, so pop up to one of the other 2 remaining locations with a full HW gun (2 near the collumn and one by the spawn) and top off the HW gun. Also while there is one scorpion remaining top off the life gun ammo with the one that was dropped in round 1. Move toward the west side and swap your empty rocket launcher for the a full shotgun. Then move toward the spawn and swap your nearly full HW gun for the laser cannon on that rack. Lure the weakened scorpion toward the spawn and boost kick to finish it off.

You should have a full laser cannon, a full life gun, and a full shotgun at the end of the round.

Start the round off like in this video. Alternate dodge and slow and life gun shots until all or nearly all off the ball droids are dead. Now, remember that rectangular staircase Northeast of the spawn on the stairs where you killed the viper? Head there and get into cover on the east side. Take pot shots with the homing laser cannon from behind cover as long as you can on one of the bogeys, I picked the red one since it has the charged sniper shot. If the bogeys are on the same side, keep circling the railing to keep them on the other side. This unbreakable stair railing will prevent you from getting hit by any super except the Emp grenades as long as you are in cover. If he tosses emp grenades hold X + L2 and boost dodge to get out of the emp's range. Boost dodge back to cover. When you run out of laser cannon, use the upgrade cube right next to the railing to refill ammo.

If one overruns your position while firing lasers, dodge roll away to pull them away, then dodge roll back to the railing, If they overrun your position with melee, punish them by going into slow and nailing them with the shotgun a couple of times. This may be enough damage to cause them to collapse to the ground, giving you more free shotgun shots. If you get knocked into overheat toss an Emp or jump behind cover and toss a cigarette with L2. Keep plinking away against the same bogey with the laser cannon using the railing as cover whenever prudent until 1 bogey dies.

Once one bogey is dead (you can do this earlier in the fight but it is safer to wait until one is dead) go from the railing to the rack at the spawn and swap your life gun for what should be the nearly full HW gun on the rightmost slot on the rack. Continue to use the railing as a central base to chip away at the 2nd bogey with your remaining laser cannon shots. He will be going crazy now so you will probably have to continuously circle the railing and going into and out of cover mode to prevent him from getting a machine gun shot on you. Whenever he stops to do a super shot, go into slow and hit him with the HW gun, and then duck back into cover before he fires. Shoot down the Emps with the HW gun. If you run low on HW gun ammo, there should be another partially used HW gun on the rack. If he stops at the top of the steps right next to the railing to fire a super, boost dodge away until the super is done, then circle back around to the railing.

Good Luck.

good stuff for a great game