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Bloodrayne Betrayal Review + Tips

Posted by guardian_owl, 27 October 2014 · 2189 views

ps3 bloodrayne betrayal review tips
Bloodrayne Betrayal Review + Tips Those reviewers scoring it down likely did that because Bloodrayne Betrayal is legit hard. That 20 review from Destructoid he gave up in chapter 13 at a certain spot. It was difficult, but it was right after a checkpoint so if you fail, you fail in 10 seconds and you're ready to try again immediately. The part he was stuck on was literally 30 seconds long. It's not like Demon's Souls or something where you have to fight all the way back from the start tediously and then fail in 10 seconds. There were only about 2 or 3 instances where there was a long bit of replaying required to get back to the platforming section I failed, checkpoints are space out fairly well.

Rather than polygons, all the enemies are hand drawn. Most of the enemies are small so they can get by with fewer frames of animations, but there are 3 large enemy types that needed more animation frames as their movements are choppy and thus harder to predict at close range. The camera was also a bit too zoomed in at times when there were a lot of enemies which means sometimes enemies were hanging half off the side or top of the screen. This can be particularly problematic as one common enemy type has a pistol which fires a bullet at the speed of light and you have to be able to see them in order to anticipate when he is going to fire in order to dash through it or jump above it.

Occasionally they break up the action with Raven levels, basically it's the equivalent of those Super Mario Bros. under water levels as you slowly sink and have to flap your wings to keep airborne. This COULD have been insufferable but they wisely let you keep your dash while in raven form which lets you easily maintain level, straight flight through holes in obstacles by repeatedly mashing the dash button. The inclusion of dash (and the ability to attack enemies in your way with a LOUD squawk which does damage) makes it an enjoyable change of pace.

They also break up the hack and slash combat by giving you a crowd control ability, bomb juice. Stun an enemy with a slash and you can hold down the grab button to suck their blood dry (you are also invulnerable during the grab animation which is incredibly handy) and refill your health (killing the enemy) OR you can just tap the grab button to inject them with a substance which makes them explosive and leave them alive. Either wait for the enemy to wander into a pack of enemies or kick them over; and detonate with the triangle button to do damage and knock all but the heavy enemy types in the blast radius to the floor.
Example of Bombing mechanic

The platforming is difficult, but only in a few instances did I find it off as you have to keep the stick pretty much straight down to do a pogo hop off an enemy's head otherwise instead of a hop you will do a slash if it is slightly diagonal. The only part of the game that I thought was legit bullshit were the blackout sequences. That's when the background stays lit up, but the foreground, you, and the enemies are all black, simulating a room with the lights off. In later levels when there are a lot of enemies it becomes incredibly difficult to keep track of your character as its silhouette is pretty similar to the common enemy soldier with the sword and pistol, that and it can blend in with the larger enemy types. Thankfully it only blacks out 5 or 6 times.
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Final verdict: Tough, but (mostly) fair, gorgeous, and better than advertised.

No way in hell am I going for the S-ranks in all the levels trophies as that's worse than doing 15 Vanquish Challenge 6's as you have to do the levels fast and avoid getting hit in order to get a high rank, 0.37% of players have gotten it. I did pick up my 3 new rarest trophies, all under 2.5% (which is rarer than my Vanquish plat) and not that hard. In fact, all but one of the trophies for the game are single digit rarity. The only other stupid hard trophy is complete a level without getting hit. That S rank trophy is worth almost 500 points on true trophies though...

*Flip the R and L button mappings, default is dash on L2, L1 unused, R2 as fire pistol and R1 as change weapon. With their set-up you are working the directional and frequent dashing with the same hand. It felt more natural to remap dash to R2, that way my left hand just has to worry about working the stick and the right hand is doing jumping, attacking, and dashing which often must be pressed in rapid succession but never at the same time. Also rather than mapping Raven transform to R3, I set it to R1 which is not used and much easier to hit repeatedly.

*Work on mastering the dash (as you have a small invulnerability window while dashing), pogo stomping which does damage and gives you air by kicking off the top of an enemy's head (while holding down, press the attack button), and the backflip (move forward, press the stick in the opposite direction to skid, then press jump).

*You don't have to release the stick each time when pogo-ing, you can just keep holding down and then repeatedly pressing the attack button to to rapid pogo stomp. That is useful to take out large enemies when there are a lot of enemies on the screen but you will also need to learn to pogo repeatedly for platforming.

*There is no double jump so in order to get more air you have to do a backflip which is around double the height of a normal jump. If you need just a little more air, if you press UP and attack while in the air you will do an uppercut which will lift you up about a 1/3rd of the height of a normal jump. That move is quite helpful to get the last bit of air to get to a skull that is slightly out of reach. If you do the uppercut air move just before the end of a dash it will also extend the length of your jump.

*Follow a video and get the skulls as you go, in addition to giving you an HP or max ammo upgrade, they are often in difficult to reach places which will help you practice your pogo platforming.

*Every 5 skulls you get an upgrade (5 HP upgrades and 5 max ammo upgrades) I would recommend doing 2 or 3 HP upgrades first before upgrading ammo.

*There is an enemy type that is a hopping, electric frog. They are too short to shoot with your pistol, and if you touch them (including trying to pogo stomp them) they will damage and stun you due to the electricity. The best way to take them out is do a dash-slash. Dash toward them to get in range, then press attack while still in dash to do a wide upward swing.

*Moving platforms which are very narrow, but tall, you can wall kick up by holding the stick toward the vertical face of the platform and pressing the jump button. Rather than jumping and aiming to land on top (you may skid off) you might be better off undershooting your jump and then dashing into the front of platform. A wall kick up the face of the platform will cause you to land on the top of narrow platform without skidding.

*In chapter 13 there is a section which you must pogo off several bugs which die in one stomp and kill ghosts while you are in the air. Do not attempt to slash at the ghosts, shoot them with your revolver to kill them in one hit. Once you kill all 4 you will be in the clear. This is where the destructoid reviewer rage quit.

If you are having trouble this is how I did it. The platforming is laid out like this from left to right:
Single bug A (ghost spawns above it), vertical column of 2x bug B, disappearing platform C, vertical column of 2x bug D, single bug E (ghost spawns above it).

Pogo single bug A, pogo the top bug of B and move forward toward the platform a little but maneuver back toward B mid-jump (this will trigger the ghosts to start spawning), pogo bottom bug B, then land on disappearing platform C.

As soon as the ghost spawn animation stops it is now vulnerable to attack (this should be before platform C disappears) so jump up and forward to above bug stack D and kill the ghost on the right with the pistol.

Pogo the top bug of D, turn and fire the revolver to kill the other ghost on the left.

Pogo the bottom bug of D and by this point the top bug of B should be respawning, so when you are at the height of the bounce, dash to the left and repeat the cycle of double bouncing B, landing on platform C, and shooting the other 2 ghosts (which spawn in the same places) above D.

*In the final boss in Ch 14 the videos of strategies are good but what no one ever shows is how to avoid getting hit by the boulders which fall, they are impossible to dodge because there are do many of them but I found there IS a way to avoid damage. By that point you can transform into a raven at will, while transforming there are invincibility frames. Place yourself someplace where the boss's stomping hands and feet won't hit you and then rapidly click the transform button to switch back and forth between raven and vampire form. You will phase through 95% of the boulders coming down.

Loved it, the closest thing we'll get to a 2-D HD sprite Castlevania