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Helldivers (PS3/Vita) Review + Tips

Posted by guardian_owl, 14 March 2016 · 4423 views

Helldivers ps3 vita review trophy guide
Helldivers (PS3/Vita) Review + Tips

Up for review today is a multiplayer focused title which just celebrated its 1 year anniversary and was recently released for free through PS+, Helldivers. It is cross-buy (get all 3 copies for the price of 1), cross-save (progress transfers between the 3 versions), and cross-play (all 3 editions of the game can play with each other) online multiplayer (local co-op is also available) with up to 4 players on the PS3, PS4, and Vita. I played it on the PS3 and the Vita.


The premise of the game is that in the far future Super Earth in governed through "managed" Democracy which is pretty much a thinly veiled code word for fascism. You are a grunt in Super Earth's army, who are nicknamed helldivers. The soldiers are called this due to how they enter the battlefield, in individual, shock-proof pods which are fired from orbit with enough force to dig into the ground upon impact. The roof of the pod opens and the helldivers climbs out, ready to fight any enemy that awaits. Fascism can't survive without an enemy to rally the people against, so Super Earth declares war on three neighboring races: the Bugs, the Cyborgs, and the Illuminate.


The core gameplay is isometrically viewed, twin-stick shooting in 5-20 minute randomly generated missions. As you play you gain new weapons, perks, and stratagems as level-up and mission rewards. All of the gameplay revolves around winning the (online only) war by eradicating the 3 alien races.


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Helldivers is a 3rd person, twin-stick shooter in which the camera is positioned overhead at a 45 degree angle, like Diablo or Starcraft.
*The left stick controls movement and the right stick controls the direction of your gun.
*R2 (R1 on the vita) fires the currently equipped weapon and is reloaded with R1 (swipe the right side of the rear touch screen on the vita).
*L2 (swipe the left side of the rear touch screen on the vita) tosses a grenade. The grenade is somewhat useful in earlier difficulties, but later on it is fairly useless. It is only useful against mid-armored enemies which can easily be dispatched by your primary weapon. It has little or no effect on heavily armored enemies and tanks.
*Triangle toggles between your primary weapon and any secondary weapon or other tool you are holding. Holding triangle switches to your pistol, it will also automatically switch to your pistol if you pick up a briefcase while holding a weapon that requires two hands to operate.
*Circle does a melee attack which is mostly useless as it only does damage against weak enemies.
*Square causes your helldiver to dive into a prone position which lets you dodge any projectiles. This is useful to avoid enemy and friendly fire.
*X activates objects and picks up items.
*L1 calls in Stratagems. Holding down the button brings up the menu with available stratagems and then you enter the 3 to 6 key stratagem code on the Dpad to call in the desired stratagem.


After you login you begin in the interior of your ship which serves as your hub. On the left side of your ship is your armory. Here you can see what weapons and stratagems you have unlocked and spend research points to upgrade them. Some items offer one path to upgrades, but a few items (such as the laser weapons) will offer parallel upgrade paths that you can upgrade in whichever order you want. You gain one research point per most level ups as well as for every 10 research samples you collect while on missions.


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It would have been nice if you could have changed your loadout here between missions or create one or two quick-loadouts that could be selected at the mission countdown screen. Unfortunately if you are jumping between radically different mission types you are stuck having to quickly change your perk, primary weapon, and 4 stratagem selections in the 30 seconds you have between selecting a mission to join and when you get launched down to the planet's surface. The one thing you can change at the armory is your outfit, you have the option to select a helmet, body armor, and cape. The selection starts pretty basic but as you level up more become available or you can also get new outfits as a part of each DLC pack. Each DLC pack usually come with 1 complete outfit and 2 other items (weapons, perks, and/or stratagems).


At the rear of your ship is a teleporter which is the multiplayer interface. You can scroll through the available missions and join any one of them, even if they are in progress. By pressing square you can use the filter which has plenty of options to filter out lower difficulty missions, races you don't want to face, missions that haven't started yet, etc. Connecting with friends is fairly easy, though you have to go through a few hoops.


While in the multiplayer menu, press R1/L1 to toggle over to a list of your friends. The first hurdle is the game doesn't automatically check whether your friends are currently in a game, you have to go to that friend and press the square button to manually check if they are in a game. If they are, it tells you how many people are playing in the game 1-4 out of a max of 4, and if it is not full you can press X to jump into the game. Having to manually check wouldn't be too big of a deal except for the 2nd issue, the online list doesn't work. Rather than compile its own list of players logged into the game, Helldivers just uses PSN information. Unfortunately PSN doesn't track the online status of players across the 3 systems very well. Those playing the PS3 version will only see PS3 players that are on PSN, Vita seeing vita, and I am unsure who PS4 players see as online. As a result, I have to check my online list on the Vita (the PS3 can't see when Vitas or PS4s are online) to see who is playing helldivers on the PS4 and PS3 before booting up the game as they will show as offline on the in-game friend list. Either that or you have to manually refresh every offline player on your friend list to see if they are playing.


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At the front of the ship is the galactic map which you can use to select missions. The map is laid out on a 3-pronged grid with Super Earth in the center and at the end of each of the 3 prongs is an enemy homeworld. Between Super Earth and an enemy home world are ten sectors. As missions are completed, this generates helldiver influence points which contribute to the community's total influence in that sector. Once enough influence has been generated to completely fill the yellow bar, the sector flips to Helldiver control and the action moves one sector closer to the enemy homeworld. Once all 10 sectors have been flipped to Helldiver control, a final, 48 hour assault begins on the enemy homeworld. If the yellow influence bar is filled in 48 hours then the assault is successful and that race is exterminated for the rest of the war. If the assault fails, then the enemy attacks the capital planet of the previous sector and a 2.5 hour defend mission begins. If the defense is not successful, then the sector falls under the enemy's control and the Federation fleet is pushed back to the next sector where another defend event begins.


One thing the developers did quite well is to offer a lot of different difficulty options. Once you pick which of the 3 races to fight on the galactic map you enter the map and have your pick of 12 planets which represent the 12 difficulties. Lvl 1-4 are easy difficulty and feature mostly scouts, medium armored infantry and fairly simple objectives. Lvl 5-8 are medium difficulty and introduce objectives than can be failed, a higher number of required objectives, and tanks. Lvl 9-12 are hard difficulty and feature heavily armored infantry, more required objectives, and a greater volume of tanks. With so many degrees of difficulty you can find the sweet spot that is just challenging enough to be engaging and then, once you have upgraded your equipment and your skills have improved, you can move on to the next one without a huge spike in difficulty.


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At the end of the mission the team is scored in 3 ways. For every objective completed you get XP and if all the objectives are completed the team gets a star. For every Helldiver that makes it onto the evacuation shuttle you get XP and if all team members get on the shuttle the team gets a 2nd star. The fewer times people die, the more bonus XP you get, if there are few deaths (how many depends on the difficulty) then the team gets a 3rd star. To determine how many influence points the mission was worth, the level of difficulty is multiplied by how many stars were obtained in the mission. Each missing star reduces the influence by 1/3rd, so if you, for example, complete a lvl 12 helldiver but get just a one star rating then you only contribute (12 X 1/3 = 4) 4 influence points toward the community total.


There are a variety of different planet types which will affect the map layout. Deserts are wide open with the occasional cliffs and giant rocks to shape your route. Forests have more twisty and narrower paths with pools of water which will slow you down. Volcanic planets are fairly similar to deserts, except a bit rockier, and occasionally deadly lava will spew up and kill anyone caught in it. Snow planets are covered in a thick layer of snow which greatly slows helldiver movement speed unless you equip the all terrain boots perk. The missions themselves are randomly generated, based on the planet type it will pick a map layout and then populate it with a mixture of objectives based on the difficulty level. You must complete and/or fail (if it is possible) every objective on the list before you can head to the extraction point to call for an Evac shuttle. There you must stay alive for 90 seconds until the shuttle comes.


You will face one of 3 enemy races depending on which of the 3 prongs you picked on the galactic map.
The Bugs are clearly inspired by the enemies from the film Starship Troopers. They use sheer numbers to overwhelm you and are almost completely melee based. The scouts and stealthy units are weakly armored but some of the later warrior units have quite thick armor. They have 2 different types of tanks. One is a heavily armored, elephant-sized beast which can charge into you, which causes instant death. The other hides a distance away and shoots 3 tentacles into the ground which pop up elsewhere and knock you to the ground.
The cyborgs are former humans who didn't want to live under the Federation. They have heavily modified their bodies with implants to have a competitive advantage. They move in squads and use many of the same types of weapons as the helldivers: machine guns, grenade launchers, flamethrowers, mechs, and tanks. Also working for them are robotic hounds which will briefly stun you each time they pounce.
The Illuminate are a squid-like race in the vein of the Protoss from Starcraft. They are a highly technologically advantaged race which use shields, cloaking, teleportation, and energy weapons extensively. The shields on most units are fairly thick and regenerate quickly, but once down their physical bodies are fairly weak. They have a tank which can project a shield wall that helldivers cannot pass through and another which use mind control to temporarily flip your controls (left is right and up is down).


After you have selected a mission, a 30 second countdown begins in order to choose your loadout. The first choice is 1 perk which bestows a variety of different abilities: faster stratagem cooldown, faster running speed, thicker armor, a laser sight, etc. Next you pick a primary weapon which you will start the mission with and will be given to you again each time you die and then respawn. There are around 7 different kinds of primary weapons: rifles with high damage per shot, but small clips, shotguns ideal for killing swarms of weak enemies, assault rifles, one-handed submachine guns, laser weapons that overheat instead of using ammo, etc. Some of the weapons you get from leveling are straight upgrades of earlier weapons from the same category, but most have their uses depending on your role in the group or which enemy race you are fighting.


One great disappointment is there are level unlocks for different grenade types and DLC for different pistols, but there is no weapon slot to change your pistol or grenade. The only way to make use of them is to give up your perk slot as that is where they are equipped. That means the loss of a valuable skill and you can't change your pistol and grenade at the same time. Also since there there are no upgrades for perks, there is no way to make the alternative pistols stronger. Either there should have been a weapon slot in which to change your pistol and grenade (especially since the default frag grenades lose much of their use by lvl 9 or so) or the perk should have been to allow you to change the pistol AND grenade. It would have been fun to mess around with the gunslinger revolver or stun grenades, but its not worth giving up the perk slot.


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What really sets Helldivers apart from other twin stick shooters is the stratagem system. At the beginning of each mission you have 4 slots to fill up with stratagems. Stratagems are special ordinance, tools, or heavy weapons that you can call down from command to aid you in battle; they are divided into 4 categories:
Special stratagems (yellow) do not take up one of your 4 stratagem slots and are either always available (such as the "reinforce" stratagem which respawns all dead teammates) or are only available during certain missions (such as the mine detector).


Offensive stratagems (red) are the dozen or so types of airstrikes that are available. These range from incendiary strikes which lay down a track of flame to damage and hold back enemies, to precision strikes which do heavy damage against single targets, to screen clearing shredder missiles which obliterate everything within a certain radius, to quick firing cluster bombs which do a middle amount of damage to a group of enemies, etc.


Defensive stratagems (green) are items to help defend against a large number of enemies. You can call down mine fields, various types of automated turrets, razor wire, distractor beacons which draw in enemies, etc.


Supply stratagems (blue) are heavy weapons that you can carry in your secondary weapon slot, tools which you carry in your backpack or secondary weapon slot, and vehicles.
The tools range from a repair gun which can heal other players, vehicles, and turrets; shield which offers extra protection from gunfire and other status effects; back packs which let you carry extra ammunition; calling down pods with extra ammo, etc.
The vehicles range from lightly armed APCs with seats for all 4 team members and heavily armed mechs with 1 pilot (as well as a tank and a motorcycle with certain DLC).


One of the more important choices is a secondary heavy weapon as none of the primary weapons can do damage to the toughest enemies, the tank types which appear in higher difficulty missions. You need a heavy weapon and / or some anti-tank airstrikes. There are grenade launchers, heavy machine guns, laser cannons, disposable rocket launchers, a rifle which fires tank busting shells, a flamethrower, etc.


A lot of the stratagems are reasonably well balanced so it is rare to find everyone using the same loadout, there is room for a lot of different playstyles. I found myself constantly trying out different combinations of stratagems. You can also equip a stratagem more than one time (even to the point of filling all 4 slots with the same stratagem).


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Not only are the bugs a clear homage to Starship Troopers, but many other aspects of the presentation are rooted in that film. The opening cinematic which gives a brief overview of the world is tongue in cheek propaganda like the "Would you like to know More?" segments from Starship Troopers. War updates come over the Federation-controlled news network. The design of the helldivers and the evac shuttle are also reminiscent of the Mobile Infantry and Fleet shuttles from Starship Troopers. Even the names of some trophies are lines of dialogue direct from the film. Those little touches give the shooter a little more personality.


The graphics are serviceable on the PS3 and Vita. When the action gets crazy the vita slow down a bit here and there and the load times when entering the mission are also about 50% longer on the Vita. This coupled with the somewhat awkward grenade throwing and reloading (using the rear touch screen) on the Vita would cause me hesitate to recommend a purchase if you are going to spend the majority of time playing it on the Vita. It's fine for a few games here or there, but unless you are going to play with laser weapons (so that you don't have to reload very often) and forgo grenades, you are better off spending the bulk of your playtime on the PS3 or PS4.


The music compositions are ok, but the actual use of music is quite well done. It is used similarly to the alert theme from Metal Gear Solid, as a tool in gameplay. The music is quiet and a little ominous at the start of a mission, but as soon as a scout sounds the alarm the score picks up the volume and tempo and it suddenly sounds like you are in an action movie. It continues to play at a higher volume and faster tempo until you escape their agro and then the music slows and the volume lowers until it is back to ominous music to indicate you have escaped detection.


The sound effects are also quite well done from the digital bink for each entry of a stratagem code, to the floppy drive-esque sound of the illuminate scout, to the weapon fire and enemy noises. Every enemy makes a distinct ambient noise so even if you can't see it yet on the screen, you can hear them coming and react accordingly. The voice acting is a little disappointing though, there is the option for one female or one male voice and they say about 8-10 different phrases when you issue commands with the D-pad. With so few phrases it would have been nice if they offered a few other different male / female voices, possibly at different ages and/or accents. It seems strange to have so many different choices for dress up, but everyone sounds the same. After all, the helldivers are supposed to be populated from everyone on the planet.


Not really much of a story in this one since it is a multiplayer focused shooter. The war mechanic is a novel inclusion as it gives you the sense that you are working toward something, pushing the boulder up the hill, with the goal of wiping out the enemy homeworld. Otherwise it would just be a never ending assortment of random missions until you got bored.


There is paid DLC which offer new outfits, weapons, perks, and stratagems, but with a few exceptions they are fairly well balanced and aren't a straight upgrade over vanilla weapons and stratagems, they just have different strengths. The UAV drone which when fully upgraded shows the locations of samples on the mini-map is definitely something that should have been included with the base game and should not have been DLC. There has also been some free DLC, including the introduction of the 4th planet type, Volcanic (and several new trophies), as well as a boss battle for each of the 3 races.


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I spent a lot more time with this one than I expected, 70ish hours of actual playtime and about 90 hours of idling for kills. It helps that you are constantly unlocking new, viable weapons and stratagems from leveling and completing missions to prevent combat from getting stale. Even long after you have acquired everything, upgrades (which take quite awhile to earn) can transform decent items into great items that perform new roles in your arsenal. The ample difficulty level choices also allow you to challenge yourself just enough that it is only as frustrating as you want it to be. Platinum trophy hunters be wary as it can be a bit of a grind.


Unless you are only purchasing 1 or 2 DLCs, it is a better value to buy a DLC bundle. The reinforcement packs put together a trio of DLC packs.
*Pack 1 is commando, defend, and support - This is a pretty good pack as it includes nice items such as the quad-rocket launcher, the guard dog attack drone (which is useful for kill farming while idling), the healing drone which automatically heals allies and repairs vehicles, and a laser based machine gun.
*Pack 2 is demolitionist, hazard ops, and pilot - This is also decent, but not as good as pack 1. It has the demolisher satchel charges which are an excellent anti-tank weapon and the avenger cannon which fires toxic sludge, useful for slowing enemy units and poisoning bug tanks.
*The Reinforcement Mega bundle is 12 of the 14 DLC packs (it lacks the all-terrain and precision packs) for $24.99.


If you have the game from PS+, the all terrain pack is included. When the DLC is not on sale, your best bet for acquiring it is actually to buy the physical version of the game for PS4, even if you already have the PS+ version. You can purchase the Super Earth edition for $20 or cheaper. Included with new copies is a voucher with a code that gives you a digital copy of the PS3 & Vita version of the game and the Reinforcement Mega DLC Bundle. You can either keep the disc to play the PS4 version, or if you have the PS4 version from PS+, trade the disc into a place like gamestop to recoup some of your costs. Once you buy any DLC, there is no unlock key to download, the next time you log into Helldiver's online (on any of the 3 systems) the associated items will be unlocked.


*Friendly Fire is always on so watch your shots and stratagem placements.
*Upgrade the UAV to max as soon as possible so that you can see research samples on your mini-map as it will greatly assist in the hunt for samples.
*The distractor beacon (which draws in any enemy units not aggroed to you) is invaluable for soloing, but also to distract a horde that is too large to fight. Get a little ahead of them, chuck a beacon in the opposite direction you plan to run, then hoof it.
*Different weapons types are better equipped to deal with different races. For instance Illuminate shields appear to burst based on the number of times they are hit, not necessarily how much damage is inflicted to them, which makes shotguns ideal. Cyborgs are heavily armored which means explosive ordinance or armor piercing rounds are best. Bugs come in large numbers and any armor they have is nature provided which makes them susceptible to to a variety of weapons, flame, and toxins.
*On higher difficulties (6+) always have a plan to deal with tank type enemies if you are playing with randoms. That means at least secondary weapon and/or stratagem(s) with explosive damage or ideally anti-tank properties.
*You get XP for every objective completed as well as bonus XP for every pilot who evacs on the shuttle and for minimizing deaths. You get the XP for completely objectives regardless if you fail the mission so even if things look hopeless it is worth sticking to the end for that XP.
*To expedite leveling, play during capital city defend events and homeworld assault events. The reward for beating these missions are double XP.
*Going prone makes it more difficult for enemies to detect you and causes most weapons fire to pass harmlessly overhead. To increase the amount of time before the enemy spots you at the extraction point, start the countdown going and then go prone behind any nearby rocks or trees.
*Find a weapon you like and start upgrading it. If it uses ammo (non-laser weapons) upgrade the resupply stratagem to decrease its calldown time from 15 seconds to 5 seconds. If it requires two hands to operate (submachine guns and some shotguns can he shot with one hand) then upgrade the pistol to max as when carrying briefcases you only have the use of one hand, so you will be forced to use the pistol. Don't forget to switch off the pistol by pressing triangle once you drop off the briefcase.
*Whenever you pick-up a weapon, the game will automatically switch to it. Keep that in mind so you don't accidentally fire off a weapon with little ammo or that is highly destructive when you still thought you were firing your primary weapon. I've wasted quite a few recoiless rifle shots and demolisher satchels that way.
*All Terrain boots cause you to run at full speed in the snow.
*Stratagems can be launched from inside mech suits, but not from inside the other vehicles.
*L2 (grenade button) fires the secondary weapon of the 3 mechs.
The walker fires an explosive missile that homes in and does some damage to tanks.
The lumberer fires an anti-tank cannon.
The Obsidian fires a gun in the left arm allowing for 2x fire if holding both L2 and R2 down.
*Explosive and anti-tank damage can blow up the destruction objectives if you don't want to wait for the hellbomb. Some examples are the Lumberer mech's cannon, the Eat-17 RPG, the recoiless rifle, the shredder airstrike, the railshot airstrike, the demolisher satchel charge, the Heavy Assault vehicle's cannon, etc. This will also get you the When the wrong tools do the job, are they still wrong? trophy.
*Unexploded ordinance disposal requires a mine detector. Call down the stratagem and it takes up your secondary weapon slot and then hold primary fire to begin detection. I would recommend holding the fire button for a few seconds, if you don't get a signal release, move a few feet, and then press it again. Once you have a signal, keep holding the fire button and rotate with the right stick to find in which direction the mine is located.


There are 3 trophies which require online interaction as they are tied to the War mechanic:
*For Spreading Managed Democracy you must take part in a successful homeworld assault.
Once all 10 sectors have been captured in a leg of the galactic map, a 48 hour assault event begins on that enemy's homeworld. Complete a double XP mission on that homeworld and if the yellow influence bar fills up faster then the red enemy bar then the event succeeds and you get a trophy.
*For Defender of Humanity, you must take part in a capital defense event.
Periodically if a sector is taking too long to acquire or if a homeworld assault fails, the enemy will attack the capital city of the previous sector. If this happens, a 2.5 hour defend event will start in which the community has to complete missions in the capital city to fill the yellow influence bar faster than the enemy. If the defend event succeeds and you ran one successful capital city mission, you get a trophy. If the event fails, the helldivers are pushed back another sector and another 2.5 defend event starts. You must complete a capital city mission in the sector in which the defense succeeds in order to get the trophy. If a race pushes the helldivers all the way back to Super Earth then a 48 hour defense event starts. This also counts toward the trophy.
*For Peace and Prosperity Reigns Again you must complete one planet in a successful galactic campaign.
That means either completing all the missions on one planet in a normal sector OR completing at least one successful assault / defend mission during a war. Once all 3 homeworld assault events succeed, the war is won and you get the trophy. If a Super Earth defense event fails, then the war is lost.


Many of these situational trophies will happen by luck so I wouldn't worry too much about farming them until everything else is done. Below are some of the trickier ones:


*For Hell Dive you have to complete a lvl 10+ mission without a single death.
You can try and get lucky by getting this by joining a multiplayer game near the end of the mission or playing with friends, but probably the most reliable way to do it is in a solo illuminate mission with the cardio perk, a maxed shotgun, and at least two lvl 3 distractor beacons. Pick a mission trying to avoid ordinance disposal, capture, assassinate, and kill X number of enemies objectives. Desirable objectives are ones that you can fail like escorts, launch pads, trains, and geological surveys. Spawn near an edge of the map and toss out a distractor beacon to draw patrols away from mission objectives so that you can circle around to them. A lvl 3 distractor beacon will stop functioning at about the halfway point of its recharge time so keep your eye on the recharge bar in the lower left corner to get ready to chuck another beacon. With 2 you can have at least 1 active 95% of the time. If the alarm sounds do not try to stop and fight, sprint a distance away (long enough to break their sight lines) in a direction away from your next objective, toss a beacon then back track to your objective. A few may follow, but most will head toward the beacon.


*For Making Mountains out of Molehills, you have to kill 100,000 enemies.
You could do it legitimately, but that would take a very long time. The other option is disconnect from PSN and idle kills in an offline game. You can either rubber band a controller to drive an APC or HAV in circles near an objective on a lower level bug mission to constantly run over enemies or you can use the guard dog attack drone to farm kills in a lvl 1 bug mission. I chose the guard dog method, for that I would recommend upgrading it at least 1 time so that it can move and fire. That is so it doesn't get stuck on an angle that can't hit the enemy and blow through the entire clip. Ideal positioning is near a SAM launcher objective that has a rock next to it so that you can push your back up against it. Use the heavy armor perk, pick up the guard dog, position yourself, turn off the controller, and go do something else. For added protection you can use a second controller to bring in a second player with an angel drone (healing backpack). Position them next to player 1 (also with heavy armor perk) and then turn off both controllers and you should be able to leave the game running for hours. Whenever you are ready to stop, select abort mission and the kills will be added to your cumulative total.


*Element of Supplies - Kill a bug tank with a resupply stratagem.
That's the very first one in the list, the ammo resupply stratagem. Upgrade it to max so that it drops in 5 seconds instead of 15 seconds. Find a bug tank and then wait till right after it finishes a charge attack, toss the stratagem on top of him, and then run in circles around him to keep him in place. You can also stun it with a shot from an upgraded rail gun weapon OR toss out a stasis field airstrike to stop it from moving.


*Never Give up, Never Surrender - use the reinforcement stratagem while downed and the last player alive on a team of 4 in a lvl 8+ mission.
In order to get this, you must either be downed and while downed enter in the code to respawn all 3 team members OR while holding that stratagem in your hand be downed so that you drop it. It doesn't count if you are holding it when you die, and this causes you to drop it. You must be in the downed position when the respawn counter is triggered. You can boost this with friends, but you can also do it in local co-op if you have 2-3 controllers. Add as many people as you have to the game with controllers, then re-assign one controller to another port until you have four in the game. Start the mission and put the spawn point as far away from objectives as possible. As soon as you spawn kill the other 3 with grenades and then toss an incendiary bomb. Barely touch the fire so that you are downed and then chuck a reinforcement stratagem to respawn your team.


*Solid Stealth Execution - Complete a lvl 7+ mission without triggering alarms.
See Hell Dive above for some general tips. Since you are focusing on avoiding all alarms you will want to bring a 3rd distractor beacon and possibly switch from cardio to the stratagem that reduces cooldown time by 40%. Take your time, skirt the edge of the map to increase the chance of missing patrols. Try to begin to the left or right of the extraction point and then work your way around the map. Toss the beacon at objectives that you have completed before moving on will ensure they don't catch up to you. Toss out a beacon a distance away from the extraction point, then hoof it and begin the countdown. At 1:00 to go walk out until you get a distance warning and then toss the distractor beacon in direction of the other beacon. At 30 seconds to go, go to the edge and toss the beacon in a different direction making sure that when they move from the last beacon to the current beacon they won't walk through the extraction point. Go prone behind a rock near the extraction point and wait for the shuttle.


*They call me Mr. Danmaku - Complete a lvl 7+ cyborg mission without taking damage from the enemy.
It doesn't work to join a game in progress, you have to play the level from the beginning to get this trophy. Supposedly you can ride in a mech and if the mech takes damage it doesn't count against you, though I could never get that to work. Chance's are you will get this if you try for Solid Stealth Execution on a cyborg mission. I messed up and took damage on my stealth run though so how I did it was a mixture of a stratagem cooldown perk, a walker mech, and 2+ distractor beacons. I got in the mech and used beacons to distract whenever possible and then used the mech's powerful chain gun to kill any stragglers. By the end I nor my mech had taken any damage and I got the trophy.


*It's raining Hell, hallelujah! - Complete a mission using only stratagems.
Do a lvl 1 mission, heavy armor or stratagem cooldown perk. A combination of distractor beacons, turrets, vindicator strikes, and/or guard dog drone will help you finish without firing your weapon.


*80% of the time, I hit every time - Fire 300+ shots at 80% accuracy.
Lvl 1 bug planet, laser sight, shotgun, then keep killing for a long time to ensure you get it.


*Make Frank kill a Tank! - Have an extraction shuttle land on a bug or cyborg tank.
Easier with the bugs. When a bug tank spawns with little time on the extraction countdown. Lure it into charging you at the extraction point. Then keep letting it follow you around the extraction point until the shuttle is about to land. Or you can use a rail gun or stasis field to hold it in place.


*Knock-knock, who's there? DEMOCRACY! - Kill an obelisk while it is closed.
An obelisk is the illuminate unit that looks like a giant volleyball which extends a shield wall. To kill it when its shell is closed you must have a stratagem pod land on it. I don't recommend using the team respawn stratagem to do this as they tend to spawn around the obelisk instead of on top of it. A good choice is a fully upgraded resupply stratagem (5 second activation time). When the shield extends start counting the seconds and walk up next to it. At 6 or 7 seconds toss the resupply stratagem on top of it and run away so that you are a fair distance from it but it is still on your screen. If you are right next to it when the shell closes it will teleport away, but if you are just far enough away it won't move. The shell will stay closed for 5 or 6 seconds and then it will open again. In that 6 second window, the resupply stratagem should land on it.


Unfortunately it keeps dropping, it was 5300 yesterday, now its 5240.

Now this.....THIS....is a review. 


Not interested in the game whatsoever, but I am envious at the amount of writing you have here. Quite inspirational. 


I wish my formatting and writing looked more like this.