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Main page/Front page of site

Posted by Spyder187, 18 August 2013 · 699 views

Seriously, why do I have to see the stupid twitter bullshit on the front page of the website? I have no desire to see Cheapy, Crybaby Wombat, Or Douchebag Shipwreck piss, moan and cry about every little thing in their lives. Is there some way to remove that crap in the settings?

Also, why is it even there to start with? Do people really feel the need to know every single little things about those 3 and their sad lives for some reason? Between seeing Shitbat carry on over the XBL horror movie ads, DoucheWreck cry about his dealings with Best Buy, Or Cheapy just posting his usual irrelevant crap, why is it there? There are by far many many more interesting and ENTERTAINING people that I have encountered on this site that if I have to see twitter feeds I would rather see.

by the looks of things, you have bigger issues than this blog. 

It was there on 2.0.  

I enjoy it.

Probably not a good idea to openly bash the three main mods of the site. #JustSaying

Haha just don't read it, man.  It's that simple.  

Probably not a good idea to openly bash the three main mods of the site. #JustSaying



yea, its called ignore it. if you don't like it so much, why are you reading it so often?

because it is right there shoved in your face every time you come on the site. At least make it to where you can remove it under an option. In the previous version of the site you could make it to where you did not have to see it. This version that is not an option.

If you don't like it that much use no script and remove it that way.

Honestly, there should be a button that could remove the twitter feed. 

well your post gets a little more personal than it should you do bring up some valid points.  My biggest issue with the new splash page is that it makes it more difficult to get to the information I'm really after and I suspect most people are after when they come on the site.


No offense but the jquery content sliders displaying latest reviews, etc. just don't interest me.  I don't come here for reviews.  The nature of the site is deals that usually don't last long so that type of presentation doesn't really fit.  I have a windows phone and now just added favorites to the trading and video game deals threads directly.  I don't bother hitting the home screen at all.


Something Cheapy and the gang may want to think about.