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A Tired Generation: Playstation 3

Posted by Zaku77, 03 August 2013 · 1616 views

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Hey guys, here's the second part of my little series looking at the problems with the current gen systems. The first part was looking at the 360. Whereas the 360's issues mainly come from Microsoft iterating more than the hardware can handle, the PS3's problems are mainly down to piss poor design decisions. Have a watch and sound off with your thoughts. Cheers!

I'm a fan of my PS3 and it's definitely my favorite console, by far. I watched the video with an open mind, but expecting to disagree on much. However, I definitely agree with most, if not all, of what you had to say. 100% dead on about the installation process, it's very poor design. I too had the same problem with Metal Gear Rising, by the end of installing the game, I didn't even want to play it anymore. And while I previously had no qualms about the controller, I find myself in agreement that the control sticks are too loose. The PS2 sticks were, ironically, better. I never found the triggers to be a problem though. 


Yeah, the trophy syncing is beyond terrible, there's no rhyme or reason for it. And I never even use the PS Store, exactly due to the reasons you stated. Finding DLC has now become a major pain in the ass. I've never tried other region DLC. That does suck that it's not all inclusive.


At the end of the day, my PS3 sees far more use than my dust-collecting Xbox 360, which is one of my few console purchase regrets (it disgusts me that I would have to pay for LIVE just to watch Netflix). I still feel that the PS3 was designed well overall - insofar that it was a worthy next-gen system that raised the bar on last gen consoles - but there are definitely glaring errors that Sony had no excuse not to fix. I also think that the PS3 still has a decent share of life in it, and I have a feeling we're still going to see some excellent games coming out over the next couple of years.


Great video!

Good vid, but just a note... It is actually more stressful on the system to turn it off then back on. Booting up is the MOST stressful part of any electronic device. However, you are correct that, depending on your model of PS3, it can run up a nice bill.

Thanks for the comments. I'm glad you ended up agreeing, SolidSnake. I really try to make sure that any opinion or criticism that I make public (be it a youtube video or forum post) is as objective and fair as it possibly can be. I like to think that someone can feel completely contrary to me, yet leave my video or post agreeing with what was said.


On your other note, I agree that having to pay for live for all this stuff sucks. There is no other way to look at it. I always just accepted it because of how much they police it and perform maintenance on it in the background. It feels like a more solid online environment. It's all a moot point now, though, with both new systems offering free games and both requiring subscriptions for online play.


At the end of the day, the games ultimately decide which consoles are my favorites. The PS2 was the weakest of the last gen consoles, but it has my favorite game library. I use all the console so much that any flaws that one has that the other doesn't share are abhorrent to me. That's what it came down to for the 360 and PS3. My video on the 360 was less than half as long, and most of that was from them constantly messing with it and constantly trying to iterate on the same damn hardware. A couple of years ago the 360 had very little to complain about, yet the PS3 still had 22 minutes worth of design issues lol. As such, I preferred the 360 for most of this gen. Next gen it could go either way. I'll just go to the one that's designed better and leave it at that lol.

The PS2 really did have an impressive game library. Everything from GTA, to Zone of the Enders, to God of War, it was a spectacular selection all around. It's a system I'll certainly never get rid of; I recently replayed James Bond: Everything or Nothing and Gundam: Encounters in Space on my PS2, and despite being a generation behind (now almost two gens behind), many of the games still hold up today.


What's even more wild is that they're still releasing titles for the PS2! Electronic Arts' FIFA 14 is set to come out this September. Not my type of game but, wow, that really says something about the enduring demand and legacy of the console. 

That is crazy that they are releasing Fifa on it. It was only this year (I think) that the PS2 finally stopped production, which is also crazy! The PS2 had a lot of the same appeal that so many people find in the Dreamcast, too. It had a lot of weird, quirky games on it such as Mad Maestro or Mr Mosquito. It also has quite arguably the best library of JRPGs, which is my primary reason for being so fond of it.