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Why Collect Sealed Games?

Posted by Zaku77, 05 March 2014 · 1037 views

I finally got around to making my video on this topic. I've always found it interesting how poorly both sides of this topic explain their side of things, so I wanted to take my crack at looking at it. I have a fairly impressive collection, so I think my views on this should have at least 'some' merit. :3 Lemme know what you guys think!

I 100 % agree with you about unsealing your games. Games are meant to be played with, not to be damn look at. It baffles my mind how people can do that.  On a side note, i love those sealed drones because i have made some money off them. When i have come across a sealed game that goes for a pretty penny.

I have more money than I know what to do with! Happy?

I agree. The video game is meant to be played, why would you not? The CE/LE/SE is meant to be looked at/listened to/display figure/take that steelbook out/etc, why would you not?


There are some on CAG that buy 2 copies of a LE, one to keep sealed, and one to open. The 2nd copy is a LE, so obviously they didn't just buy a normal copy to play the game, but want to admire the contents of LE. You didn't mention this phenomenon in your vid. That's crazy, basically doubling your collecting budget.


I think the sealed collecting mentality is spilled over from other hobbies. I can understand a figure collector wanting to keep their figures sealed. They aren't 7 anymore and won't be 'playing' with them in a makeshift fort. Plus they can all still be perfectly displayed in their box with windows.


I am also a collector who intends to never sell my collection. Gaming is my hobby, and my collection is for me. I don't purchase something because 'it will become rare omg' or the resell value skyrockets.


My grandfathers collected rocks(self polished), stamps, knives, books (self binder even), coins, and grandmother collected blue glass. Not my thing, but they never sold their collections.

I only buy 2 copies of certain CE that I want to admire:) lol