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Dark Souls II Is Soulless

Posted by Zaku77, 08 April 2014 · 1361 views

Well, here is my discussion on why I had such an issue with Dark Souls II. It's a shame really, as this is my favorite IP of the 7th gen. While I would say that these problems exist in the game regardless of one's previous experience with the series, they are definitely exacerbated for me because I have played Dark Souls so much.

Bottom line, the changes to gameplay systems were for the worse, and the game is vapid and bland compared to the first. It's still a 'good' game, but it's a shell of what the previous game was.

Did you watch the video? He made very well thought out arguments and he never said he had any trouble beating the game. Pointing out flaws in a game doesn't make you suck at it.

wow ur a f****** dumba** this game is good u just suck at it.

And you, sir, are an oxygen thief and likely have a few extra chromosomes. 

wow ur a f****** dumba** this game is good u just suck at it.

Your eloquence is undeniable.


Personally, I could care less about what the OP or anyone thinks about DS 2. I've already sunk 40 hours into it, I love it and that's all I have to say, about that.

I personally love the game and find it much more accessible than the previous two soul games.  To put things in perspective, I actually finished this game with relatively little frustration while I've yet to finish either of the other games.    My goty for 2014 thus far, superb game.