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It's Been One Year

Posted by 4thHorseman, 05 August 2013 · 850 views

On Saturday, we celebrated the first birthday of my little boy. Last year I posted this: http://www.cheapassg...ially-a-father/

and now a year (and a day later), I'm posting another thing devoted to my son.

For those who aren't parents, let me say, it's probably the greatest feeling imaginable. I have no other way to phrase it. My wife and I created a human being and we were capable of making this human survive for an entire year.

Yes it's perfectly normal, but it's so weird to say it out loud. I kept a baby alive for an entire year.

And while this year has been utterly frustrating at times and stressful, it has been completely worth it. I have slept less, I've been wiping a humans butt every day (and sniffed it like a dog), I've been peed on, thrown up on, etc. And I've grown accustomed to it.

But it's the smiles, the laughter, the recognition of "dada" and just the overall feeling of accomplishment of how much he's grown this past year in a way I've never felt before.

So I wanted to make a new blog with pictures from every month showing his growth. Starting in month 2, we started taking pics of him in our rocker to try and keep some sort of consistency of growth.

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Birth Day:
Posted Image

Month 1:

Posted Image

Month 2:

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Month 3:
Posted Image

Month 4:
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Month 5:
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Month 6:
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Month 7:
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Month 8:
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Month 9:
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Month 10:
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Month 11 (HAIRCUT!):
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as a father of two I agree with you, there is no greater feeling than being a parent.  Except maybe teaching my kids how to be a even better CAG than I have been!  


That's a happy looking kiddo!

Awesome pics and great testament to fatherhood, it suits you well!

Nice job man, that is really good to see. Congrats to you, your wife, and your son.

Wow, congratulations and thank you for putting a huge smile on my face with these pics. Here's to all that is to come for all of you, I hope year two is twice as grand as the first ^_^

That's a happy kid! :) Always good to see. Congrats!

I agree man. There's no better thing in the world than being a parent. Watching my daughter grow and learn for the past 20 months has been wild. Congrats on the happy and healthy family.

Well said!  Being a father of a soon-to-be 3 year old son, I know exactly how you feel!  By the way, great idea about the monthly pics!  I did the same for my son.  For his first year, I took a picture of him laying down in his crib wearing just his diapers next to a large Tigger doll (he was born in the year of the tiger).  By the 12th month, he had actually outgrown Tigger!  Congrats and may you have many more birthdays to celebrate!