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PlayStation Home: The Final Tour Part 1

Posted by FriskyTanuki, in Youtube 11 January 2015 · 1604 views

In case you didn't know, PlayStation Home is being shut down this year on March 31 and I wanted to do something of a video archive of the unique console social networking service. This is the first episode where I kind of just showed off my Harbor apartment, The Hub, and the Giftinator 9000.

I hate that Home is being shut down.  I think that, to make up for this, Sony should make a theme park with real versions of all the properties they had in Home.  An Uncharted space, Siren, etc.  Sony could make some good money with this.  Heck put it in Vegas as they handle that Sony show every year anyway.

I would PAY to visit a theme park with rides based off their properties.

I enjoyed Home for what it was and it provided the only decent outlet to play online chess on Playstation. The casino was fun too. I'll be sad to see it go.

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