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Video Recap: Polybius, The Surge, Puyo Puyo Tetris, and More!

Posted by FriskyTanuki, in SmashPad, Youtube 14 May 2017 · 3142 views

This week, I've got a number of videos covering new releases and a number of interesting PSVR games.


The Surge is out on Tuesday and I got a chance to check it out earlier:



Puyo Puyo Tetris is a great mashup between the two popular puzzle franchises that adds a touch of anime to the formula:



Polybius is the newest game from Llamasoft and Jeff Minter that effectively mashes up a lot of his previous work into a beautiful, fun mess that's playable with and without PSVR:



One of the PSVR games on sale during the new Flash Sale is a recent PSVR game from Papo & Yo developer Minority, which is called Time Machine VR:



Another PSVR game on sale during the PSN Flash Sale is Battlezone, a VR remake of the original Atari wire frame arcade classic that works really well and includes the wire frame version as a playable mode after a recent update:



Hyper Void is another game with PSVR support that is part of the PSN Flash Sale, which surprisingly feels similar to Polybius by a developer that isn't quite as skilled at Jeff Minter:



Thanks for checking any of these videos out.

i am getting hype bumps on The Surge. thanks for this blog man :D 

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