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DemonKysho presents "I'm bad and that's good. I will never be good and that's not bad"

Posted by DemonKysho, 04 November 2013 · 879 views

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Many months have passed since my last blog mental vomit, not that lacked the urgency to do it, I flat out couldn't for a good chunk of time. Give me a second, i will get to video game stuff super fast.

To make a very long story short, Bad things happened and i had to deal with it. Some of the bad things happened to people that totally had it coming the bitter part of me would say, but as the saying goes it happens to good people more often.

I consider myself fortunate, i appreciate things how they are but i want them to get better. I find truth that you can't always get what you want, but you get what you need,

i am pretty sure no one is reading this, so i'm just gonna be super offensive from this point forward. boobies are funtstical.

You know that everlasting quest i had to kill the beast that are games? Getting pretty damn close, i took a good chunk out of that list.

Things that i beat while i was afk.

Final Fantasy 8
Uncharted: Golden Abyss
GoW: Chains of Olympus
GoW: Ghost of Sparta
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

I am at a crossroads figuring out what to beat next. I do have the urge to buy new things, but i have this new system that helps with that. Being broke. That's fine though, i can't really justify another purchase with this little library even though there are a lot of good things i missed. Like Last of Us, Grand Theft Auto V, Animal Crossing and Pokemon X.

I have totally disregarded my steam list, it's pretty damn bad and has a good worth of games to play. I kinda sorta got into DOTA 2. People tell me i'm so good that i'm in paper mache tier. Thats a good thing right?

Not really interested in the next generation of consoles. I am not an elitist, it's just that now i don't use my consoles as much as my PC. The offers to buy games on release are always better on the PC side of things, like getting X COM with bioshock and lots of credit. Did i mention the price is always better too? Getting a game on release nearly half off, beats any pre order bonuses any day of the week.

If anyone is concerned about my Youtube channel, it's collected a bit of dust, to my shame. I do have a plan on adding content, but funds and all. Well people are gonna have to be fine with shit i have or betas of things. I will say even though i hate the Assassin's Creed series (ok hate is a strong word, infinitesimally megafak loathe. I PLAYED III SO YOU DONT HAVE TO) i would play and stream IV, just because machinma did a god awful job at it. They just didn't care, were lethargic and it seemed to like it was a chore to them. Til one guy said, i don't really want to take it seriously since i want to play it later, (WHAT YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME) You have a bunch of people watching it, because a few of them are on the fence or want to see a chunk of gameplay and if it was your job to sell that game they failed at it hard.

I never so badly wanted to buy a game out of spite, if i could get a copy i would. At least i believe in what i'm doing and my content may not be for everyone but i'm glad even if one person enjoys it.

I'd like to thank the four people reading this and if you have any recommendations of games i should play or content you would like to see. Open your damn mouth or scribble something at me. Maybe i will start giving out stuff again when i get some feedback or popularity ( A WHOLE TWO PEOPLE TO WATCH MY SHOWS).

Til, next time
Remember, salt and burn the bones.

Cool post and hella good games you got caught up on. Here is to hoping that things get better.