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DemonKysho presents "The night before Cagmas"

Posted by DemonKysho, 24 December 2013 · 1011 views

It was the night before CAGmas and all through the site

We had lurkers, hoarders and steam glitches am i right?

The gifts and goods were packed with care.

In hopes that our backlog would have room to spare.

The users were all nestled all snug in their chairs.

While refreshing the pages that dropped codes from thin air.

When out on the forum there arose such a clatter.

I paused my game to see what was the matter.

I loaded the page which was brimming with posts.

So many deals and comments filled with boasts.

Credits from amazon, Walmart, Target a shopping spree

It filled many with joy and glee.

Even gamestop had deals what a wonder to see.

Upon further checking they were all MSRP.

Free games from EA and Xbox from the companies error

The question of bannings filled people with terror.

A new thread emerged about getting free new mink coats.

"Dude, seriously. Not the place for this post"

A link to a deal on a site that seemed far fetched?

In for 1000, i'll take that bet.

Then came games bundled in a box.

Most will get cheaper from the guy like a fox.

Then arose a post from a person we all know.


Head bald, big grin, over all he was chillin.

Actually he kinda looks like a taller krillin.

He gave us a contest and deals from gamefly.

It seemed cool enough but most whined and cried.

There was some remorse in his topic he tried to show.

Most importantly for blowing up CAG 2.0

Then suddenly which came as a shock.

He gave us all credits inside our inbox!

With wallets empty and deals now dead.

It's time for me to head to bed.

One last post to spread some cheer.

Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year.

100% Pure Awesome.

So great! I really want to hear a recorded rendition!! 

Well done; captured the spirit of CAG quite well :)


Good stuff!

cheers mate