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Posted by Scorch, 17 July 2010 · 306 views

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Indescribably amazing. Go see it.

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Indescribably amazing. Go see it.

Thumbs up.
How about 2 thumbs and a penis up.
I fully agree
I like reading the negative reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Many might as well read "I don't get it." One read that the movie was awesome, but not great.
Thats the problem with this movie. Anyone who does not like it instantly gets labeled "They didn't get it".
I thought it was fantastic.
The movie was amazing!
Great movie!
I can't wait to see!!
(T_T) We haven't been to see a movie since Avatar, and that was the first since the original Iron Man. We finally have the perfect confluence of events once again, in which we have a tiny bit of extra money, my wife has a day off and her mother has a day off and volunteered to watch Ryu for awhile.
That day is the 21st. We were going to see Iron Man 2, but it stopped showing TODAY. I decided that I would watch this movie since everyone has such great things to say about it.

And it comes out on the 23rd here. :bomb:

Now we have a super rare date night with nothing to do. Thanks for not sucking Inception.
You're not missing out on much by not watching Iron Man 2.

If you're looking for a recommendation, Toy Story 3 is/was fantastic and well worth the premium price to watch in 3D.
I've wanted to see this movie ever since I first heard that Christopher Nolan was behind it.

And I've fallen in love with Leonardo DiCaprio ever since The Departed. It's totally platonic though.
toy story 3 sucked id rather pay to get my dick chopped off instead of ever having to see that movie agian
Nutt you didn't like Toy Story 3? I wanted to see that movie! I heard it was sad, but I haven't heard anything bad yet.

Scorch, that's unfortunate to hear. I have been trying to see Iron Man 2 for awhile now and can never find the time to. Guess going to see Inception paid off.