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Wii U has already won. Sony and MS are wasting their time.

Posted by whoknows, 10 July 2013 · 2308 views

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It's time for the next generation of consoles, people are getting excited to get into the new generation and experience new things, but to those people I say: Are you Fuck ing stupid? The next generation already started asshats. It started November 2012 when the Nintendo Wii U was released. Now you may be thinking "the Wii U is a piece of shit you piece of shit!" and if you are saying that you're a Fuck ing moron since you're ignoring the best thing about gaming at this point in time and over the next 10 years. Here's why Fuck face:

1. The Wii U comes in both white and black, so the color scheme can match both your living room and your family. What colors do the Xbox One and Playstation 4 come in? Black. Fuck ing black and nothing else. Are Sony and Microsoft even trying anymore? Way to phone it in, and I'm not talking about phoning it in by actually dialing and making the call, they just used speed dial. Way to go lazy asses.

2. The controller. What do you get with the Wii U? A controller with a SCREEN in it. Are you into some hardcore Mario action and need to take a hardcore shit? Well, you can, and still keep Mario with you at all times. You also get to use a gazillion other Fuck ing controllers to match your mood. NIntendo cares. What does the PS4 controller have? A Fuck ing piece of shit touch pad that will be used for some piece of shit first party games and then never again after they realize what a Fuck ing waste of time it was. Remember sixaxis controls? Those turned out great. Let's not forget the Xbox One controller. All it gives you is an empty spot to put some Fuck ing steal your money dollar store AAA batteries. It's not 2002 anymore, everything is rechargeable now. Get your head out of your ass, Microsoft. Oh wait, they're called MIcro$oft for a reason since they'll make you buy a play and charge kit. What a bunch of low lifes.

3. Assassins Creed III. Can you play it on the PS4 or Xbox One? Nope. Moving on...

4. Backwards compatibility. The most important feature of a new console. Will PS4 or Xbox one have it? Fuck no. They're going to make you pay them to download PS4 versions that are compatible with the PS4. Oh, and all those XBLA and PSN games you bought? Money down the drain. Might as well have given that money to a homeless person to buy some booze with since you won't be able to play those games on your new system. Does the Wii U have backwards compatibility? Absolutely. Wii and WiiWare games are compatible. Nintendo cares about you and your money.

5. Console price. $399 and $499 US Dollars. LOL.

In conclusion: You're an asshole if you buy a PS4 or Xbox One over a Wii U. You're a double asshole if you're buying none of them.

if I buy 2 what does that make me?

Oh yeah, Nintendo. I forgot about them. So they're still in the videogame business, then?

Haha so dedicated to the troll that you made sure to type Fuck ing (with a space) instead of fucking so that the Shaq Fu would pop up!  Nice job.


Also, point 3 is the one that sold me!

Haha so dedicated to the troll that you made sure to type Fuck ing (with a space) instead of fucking so that the Shaq Fu would pop up!  Nice job.


Also, point 3 is the one that sold me!

Gotta keep it family friendly!


Wait wait wait





LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't know Iwata posted here.

I thought Magnavox won it once & for all

as ridiculous as they always seem to be (and thats what makes them funny) I really enjoy these troll posts.  well done sir

They see me trollin...

The Wii U has about as much chance of winning this console generation as Newt Gingrich had at being president.

I wish I could find the hand clapping emotiocon for you sir. Well done.