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Sony Announces Playstation Now

Posted by LonelyController, 08 January 2014 · 851 views

Yesterday at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, SCE President and CEO Andy House finally revealed what Sony's plans are for their $380 million purchase of streaming service Gaikai. He announced a new Sony game streaming service called Playstation Now. Playstation Now would allow users to play Playstation 1, 2, and even 3 games without owning those consoles by streaming the games from the cloud. Playstation Now will be available first on Playstation 4 and Playstation 3, and then later on Vita, tablets, and 2014 models of Sony Bravia TVs.

That's right, later this year, you'll be able to play games like The Last of Us with just a TV, no console required.
Pricing structures have not been announced, but House said there would be a subscription model, as well as an individual title rental option. Playstation Now will have a limited beta later in January, with a full launch planned for summer 2014.
What do you think? Would you pay another $50 a year on top of Playstation Plus for a giant library of older games? Would you be more likely to rent a few titles? If you don't own a Playstation 3 or 4, would you be excited to play PS3 games without a console through your TV or tablet?

I'm interested to know what you think of this service.

I would like to see the list and know how comprehensive it is... I'm not going to just shell out another $50 for kicks. Give me something good and worth playing, then we'll see.

It sounds like it has the potential to be a pretty cool service, but I wouldn't personally use it enough to justify paying a subscription fee on top of PS+.  Depending on how the individual rental system worked, I might try a title or two to check it out.

Sounds like everyone is wait and see, like me. It would be cool if they gave PS+ members a free month or even a week to check it out.

I think this service is going to do gangbusters in Japan and some European countries. I think it will be a slow burn in the U.S., but could gain more traction over time.


The on-line infrastructure in the U.S. is not good enough to support a system like this one at the present time. Some urban areas will have enough bandwidth to allow for something like this with a stable connection. But anywhere outside of a major metropolitan center will struggle. (and even some major metropolitan centers do not have sufficient broadband) It's not a problem with what Sony is trying to put together, but rather that the U.S.'s high-speed internet system is not up to the challenge at present. This will severely limit how quickly a service like Playstation Now can gain traction in the states.


In Japan though, this could be huge. Japan has much faster, more stable, and more affordable high-speed internet. It's current system could handle a service like this one easily. And space has always been a premium in Japan. Having hundreds, perhaps thousands of classic Playstation games on tap would be a huge draw for gamers who don't want to maintain a giant collection of discs. Storage space in tiny Japanese apartments fills up fast.